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ID N59154 (Group A)
1. William Pearce was born in 1878 in Bristol, England

2.  Alfred Pearce was born in 1905 in Vermont, USA.  He married Helen M. Rodgers (born 1907 in Vermont and died in 1973 in Vermont).  He died in 1970 in Barre, Vermont.

ID N10900 (Group B)
Oldest known ancestor Charles D. Pierce, born 1889 or
1890 in New York, New York

ID 37767 (Group C)
1. John Pierce b between 1707-1723 d. 1808 NY  (This has not been   totally proven, however looks possible)

2. Eliakim Pierce  b ca 1770 MA d 4 Nov 1830 m. Mariam (UMN) b ca 1770 prob. MA, d 23 Feb 1822 NY

3. Daniel Addison Pierce b Sep 1789 MA d 19 Aug 1869 NY m. ca 1813 to Nancy (UMN) b 1788 CT d. 2 Feb 1865 NY

4. Abram Briggs Pierce b 16 Dec 1814 NY, m. before 1833 NY to Alice Ann McBurney b 1818 NY d 22 Jun 1866

5. Washington Irving Pierce b 17 Sep 1851 NY d 23 Nov 1930 MI m. 18 Mar 1873 NY to Lenora Almena Fairbanks b 17 Feb 1851 NY, d. 31 Jan 1927 MI

6. Wellington Irving Pierce b. 12 Nov 1880 Calhoun Co., MI d. 15 Feb 1965 Calhoun Co., MI, m. 4 Jul 1901 to Mary Pauline Miller b. 16 Jan 1886 Saginaw, MI, d. 5 Sep 1924 Jackson, Jackson, MI

7. Martin Irving Pierce b. 15 Dec 1912 Calhoun Co., MI, d. 11 Sep 1982    Kalamazoo, MI, m. 25 Jan 1933 Jackson, MI to Lois Julia Bordewick b 1 Jul 1915 Chicago, IL, d. 16 Jul 2001 Kalamazoo, MI

ID Sorenson 1 (Group C)
1. Captain Michael Pierce b. abt. 1615 in Hingham, Kent,  England m. Persis Eames. d.March 26, 1676 in Pawtucket, RI, fell in the Rehoboth battle

2. Benjamin Pierce b. 1646 and d. 1730, Scituate, Plymouth, MA. He m. (1) Martha Adams Feb. 05, 1677/78. She was d. James Adams.  He m. (2) Elizabeth (Adams) Perry July 21, 1718 res. Scituate, Plymouth, MA

3. Thomas Pierce b. Nov. 14, 1692 in Scituate, Plymouth, MA and d. 1775  He m. Mary Booth Jan. 29, 1716/17 in Scituate, Plymouth, MA

4. Ezekial Pierce b. 1718 in Scituate, Plymouth, MA, bp. Dec. 4, 1720. He m. UNKNOWN

5. Ezekial Pierce b. abt. 1739 in Scituate, Plymouth, MA and d. in Scituate, Plymouth, MA He m. Martha Merritt May 01, 1755 in Scituate, Plymouth, MA

6. Augustus Pierce bp. May 29, 1757, Scituate, Plymouth, served in Rev. War and last res. Conhocton, NY

7. Gardner Pierce b. Aug. 1799 Vermont

8. Harrison Gardner Pierce b. Mar. 1839 Loon Lake, New York

9. Harrison Gordon Pierce b. April 13, 1868 in New York

ID N29808 (Group C)
1. Captain Michael Pierce

2. Ephraim Pierce, Sr.

3. Ephraim Pierce, Jr.

4. Mial Pierce

5. Joshua Pierce

6. Shubel Pearce b. abt 1758 Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA d. Jun 9, 1833, Hampton, Washington Co, NY m. Nov 5, 1778 MA to Abigail Mason b. abt 1760 Swansea, Bristol Co., MA d. Dec 17, 1842, Washington Co., NY

7. Jesse J. (Joshua?) Pearce b. abt 1898 Westfield, Washington Co, NY d. Feb 12, 1830, Washington Co, NY m. Unknown

8. Theodore S. (Shubel?) Pierce b. April 3, 1828 Hampton, Washington Co., NY d. abt 1893, Jefferson County, NE m. abt 1849 NY to Carolyn L. Potter b. Jun 11, 1832 NY or VT, d. Dec 25, 1891, NE

9. Theodore Seymore "Ted" Pierce b. Nov 10, 1854 d. Aug 26, 1924 in Moline, IL m. Jul 7, 1878 IL to Agatha Ann Harrison b. May 29, 1862 IL, d. Dec 1, 1939, IL

10. Homer Lawrence Pierce b. Mar 9, 1902 Jubilee Township, IL  d. June 14, 1972 in Peoria, Peoria Co., IL m. Oct 4, 1930 to Mabel Maria Kent b. Jan 31, 1900 IL, d. Dec 18, 1990 IL

ID 75407 (Group C)
1.  Thomas Pierce b. about 1583 England. 1633-34 settled in Charlestown,  Mass.   m. Elizabeth ??   d. Oct 7, 1666.

2.   Samuel Pierce b. about 1617 in England.  m. Mary ??? d. Sept 1678 in Malden, Mass.

3.   Jonathan Pierce b. 1661.  m. Mary Lobdell Dec 4, 1683.  d. July 4, 1722 Charlestown, Mass.

4.   Stephen Pierce b. Jan 24 1705/06 Charlestown, Mass.  m. Elizabeth Rand May 20, 1728 Charlestown, Mass.  d. Sept 23, 1785.

5.   Stephen Pierce b. April 5, 1729 Charlestown, Mass.  m. Hannah Gullison Jan 3 1753 Charlestown, Mass.  d. abt. Sept 1,1783 Stratford, Conn.

6.   Samuel Pierce b. July 8, 1767 Middletown, Conn.  m. Anne Joyce Sept 26, 1790 Middletown, Conn.  d. Mar 25 1840 Greenfield, Mass.

7.   George Pierce b. Sept 13, 1804 Greenfield, Mass.   m. Olive Draper Wilson  Dec 28, 1825 Greenfield, Mass.  d. July 30, 1878 Deerfield, Mass.

8.   George Pierce b. Mar 2, 1830 Northhampton, Mass.  m. Catherine Lucy Scott Jan 13, 1851 Greenfield, Mass.  d. Dec 14, 1915 Greenfield, Mass.

9.   Doras Manton Pierce b. Dec 21, 1867 Greenfield, Mass.  m. Lena Ladelle Wilde Jun 10 1890 Ashfield, Mass.  d. Jun 28 1937 Winthrop, Mass.

10. Lewis Benjamin Pierce b. Sept. 20, 1896 Somerville, Mass. m. Ilene Chase Peaslee Dec 17, 1895 Wiscasset, Maine.  d. Nov. 26,  1975  Boston, Mass.

ID 78848 (Group C)
1.   Thomas Pierce 1583/84 England.  m. Elizabeth Carew 1606 Woburn,  Mass.  d. Oct 7, 1666 Woburn or Charlestown, Mass.

2.   Thomas Pierce b. 1617/1620 Norwick, Northfolk,  England.  m. Elizabeth Cole  May 6, 1635 Boston, Mass.  d. Nov. 6, 1683 Woburn, Mass.

3.   Thomas Pierce b. Jun 21 1645 Charlestown, Mass.  m. Eliza d. Dec 8 1717 Woburn, Mass.

4.   Thomas Pierce b. Feb 12 1670 Woburn, Mass.  m. Mary Wyman Feb 27 1692    d. Jun 14 1705 Plainfield, Conn.

5.   Thomas Pierce b. Oct 10 1696 Woburn, Mass. d. June 15, 1762 Plainfield, Conn.

6.   John Pierce b. Feb 10 1724.   m. Zerviah Spaulding Dec 24 1750 d. Sept 24 1780 Plainfield, Conn.

7.   Spalding Pierce b. Feb 29 1768 Plainfield, Conn.  m. Abigail Bacon April 18 1799  Paris,  New York.  d. Feb 14 1827 Rodman, New York.

8.   Sylvester Phineas Pierce b. Sept 19, 1814 Sauquoit, New York.   m. Cornelia  Maria  Marsh Nov 18 1841.  d. Nov 5, 1893 Syracuse, New York.

9.   Marsh Curtis Pierce b. Feb 19, 1847 Syracuse, New York.  m. Jennie M. Cook  Nov 7 1872.  d. July 3 1902

10. Harry Cook Pierce b. Oct 8 1873 Syracuse, New York.  m. Harriet Bennett Spencer  Jan 1 1903.  d. April 5 1924 Syracuse, New York.

ID 85006 (Group C)
1. Ephraim Percy born 1751 died 1822 Chateaugay, Franklin County, New York. Will probated 22 April 1822, Wife Sarah born 1755.

Eleven children:
#1 Ephraim dob 1774 married Patty dod 1834 Chateaugay, Franklin County, NY buried Brayton Hollow Cemetery, Chateaugay, NY
#2 John dob 1776 married Hannah Arnold
#3 Samuel dob 1779 married ??? remarried to Hannah Arnold Percy dod 27Sept 1856 Chaeteaugay, Franklin County, NY Brayton Hollow Cemetery, Cheateaugay, NY   remarried Laura
#4 Rebecca dob 1781 spouse Cashey
#5 Elizabeth dob 1782 spouse Eliot
#6 Robert dob 1783 married Jane Gray dod 7 june 1841 remarried Elizabeth
#7 Abraham dob 1785
#8 Jemima dob 1787 married Hodges
#9 David Simeon dob 1791 married Julianna Derby
#10 Garrett dob 4 oct 1795 Florida, Montgomery county, NY married 21 Jan
1827 Chateaugay, NY spouse Eunice McDonald dod 4 Feb 1866 Chateaugay, NY
Brayton Hollow Cemetary, Chateaugay
#11 James dob 1797 dod 20 April 1861 married Sarah A. Bush

2. John Percy and wife Hannah Arnold

3. Charles Percy and wife Sarah

4. Hiram Percy and wife Clarissa

5. Lewis Addison Percy and wife Ethel Hinks

ID 87049 (Group C)
1. Captain Michael Peirse b. abt 1615 England d. in King Philips War on 26 Mar 1676 Rehoboth, MA at Pawtucket-Attleboro Gore. m. 1st abt 1644 Scituate, Plymouth, MA Persis Eames bp 28 Oct 1621, Fordington, St. George, Dorsetshire, England, dau. of Anthony Eames and Margery surname unknown. 13 children; 3 boys, 10 girls. m. 2nd about 1663, Anna surname unknown b. 1605 Kent, England, widow of John Allen. No children.

2. John Peirce b. 1659 Scituate, Plymouth, MA. d. 8 Sep 1750 Swansea, Bristol Co., MA. m. on 12 Dec 1683 Scituate, Patience Dodson, dau. of Anthony Dodson and Mary Williams of Scituate, MA. Both buried at Swansea in Pierce family cemetery, ages 91 and 74 respectively. 9 children; 6 boys, 3 girls.

3. John Peirce b. 12 Apr 1686 Scituate, Plymouth, MA, d. bet 1765/1766. m. on 26 Dec 1712 Scituate Abigail Vinton, dau. of Blaise Vinton and Lydia Hayden of Lynne and Scituate, MA. 9 children; 3 boys, 4 girls, 1 unknown died young.

4. Elisha Peirce b. abt 1715 Scituate, Plymouth, MA. d. aft 1765 Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. m. 5 July 1744 Dighton, Bristol Co., Ma, Sibel Perry b 1729 Dighton, dau. of William and Mary Perry. Total number of children unknown.

5. Elisha Peirce b. 1746 Taunton, Bristol Co., MA d. 7 Jul 1839 Taunton. m. 1785/6 Elizabeth Keene. Both buried Taunton, Bristol Co., MA ages 93 and 92 respectively. 12 children; 4 boys, 8 girls.

6.  Eliphalet Pierce b. 3 Jun 1782 Dighton, Bristol Co., MA. d. 1840/50 Athens, Menard Co., IL m. 3 Apr 1804 Annis McMichel, b. 12 July 1785, dau. of Robert McMichel and Sarah Comins of Palmer, Hampden Co., MA. 4 children; 2 boys, 2 girls.

7. Hollom Pierce b. 26 Sep 1805 New York. d. 2 Nov 1859 Lincoln, Logan Co., IL. m.  abt 1834 New York Lucena Winters, dau. of Nathan Winters and Grace Kelsey of New York and Vermont. 11 children; 5 boys, 4 girls, twins died young.

8. Sherman Nathan Pierce b. 29 Aug 1836 Tuna, Cattaraugus Co., NY. d. 24 Aug 1925 Marion, Marion Co., KS. m. on 1 Jan 1860 Lincoln, Logan Co., IL Sarah Ann Boughan dau. of Berryman Boughan and Bathsheba Hedrick of Logan Co., IL. 12 children; 4 boys and 7 girls. 1 boy, 1 girl, 1 infant died young.

9. Charles Edwin Pierce b. 14 Jan 1863 Lincoln, Logan Co., IL. d. 21 Mar 1947 Marion, Marion Co., KS. m. 10 Dec 1888 at Marion Co., KS Christiane Marie Lisette Baker dau. of George Christoph Gottfried Baker and Christiane Marie Awick of Waverly, Pike Co., OH. 8 children; 5 boys and 3 girls.

10. Elmer Edwin Pierce b. 24 Jun 1904 Marion, Marion Co., KS. d. 28 Sep 1937 Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS. m. on 2 May 1930 Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS Maxine Louise Bailey, dau. of Henry E. Bailey and Maude M. Sadil.  Children: 2 boys.

ID N50840 (Group C)
1. Captain Michael Pierce, b. abt. 1615, m. ?.  m. 2nd, Annah James.  Res.Hingham and Scituate, Mass.  He was killed by Indians Sunday, Mar. 26, 1676.

2. Ephraim Pierce m. Hannah Holbrook.  He moved to Warwick R.I., from Weymoth, Mass. where  his first child was born. Will dated July 18, 1718 and was proved in Warwick, Sept. 23, 1719.  He d. Sept. 14, 1719.

3. Azrikim Pierce b. Jan. 4, 1671, m. Dec. 31, 1696 Sarah Heywood or Howard. m. 2nd, May 6, 1713, Elizabeth Esten. Res. Warwick R.I. and moved to Rehoboth, Mass. before 1721.

4. Joseph Pierce b. April 7, 1714. m. Oct. 3, 1734, Mary Martin.  He died May 5, 1787. His will was proved Jan. 5, 1787. Res. Rehoboth, Mass.

5. Nathaniel Pierce b. July 9, 1735. m. June 24, 1756, Sarah Pierce. m. 2nd, ?.  He died Feb. 26, 1821.  Res. Rehoboth, Mass.

6. Aaron Pierce b. Sept. 20, 1765. m. Nov. 14, 1793, Elipha Bliss.  m. 2nd, Jan. 23, 1800, Nancy Rounds.  He died in 1831.  Res. Rehoboth, Mass.

7. Barnard W. Pierce b. Sept. 11, 1810. m. Oct. 29, 1835, Martha H. Smith. m. 2nd, Oct. 1855, Esther Arnold. Res. Westerly, R.I.

8. Edgar B. Pierce b. Oct. 10, 1842. m. Nov. 1865, Eliza R. Smith. m. 2nd, June 23, 1873, Gertrude M. Smith. Res. New London, Conn.

9. Courtland B. Pierce b. March 4, 1885.


ID 88434 (Group C) - This pedigree from Pierce Genealogy by Frederick Clifton Pierce
1.  Ephraim Percy, Sr. b. 1743 in Mohawktown, NY d bef Apr 22, 1822 when his will was probated at Chateaugay, NY.  He was married bef 1782 to Sarah, surname unknown.

2.  Robert Percy, b. Oct 7, 1782 Florida Township, Franklin, NY d. Jun 7, 1841 at Cape Vincent, NY.  He m. Elizabeth Vaughn after the death of his first wife.  Elizabeth died Dec 12, 1859 at Cape Vincent, NY.  Robert and Elizabeth Vaughn had five children including David Frederick.

3.  David Frederick Percy b Apr 17, 1819 Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada. d. Feb 13 1865 at Cape Vincent, NY. m. Abigail Woodman  Mar 3, 1841 at Pamelia, NY.  Abigail died Jul 19, 1864 on Wolfe Island.

4.  Benson Alexander Percy b. Jan 1, 1861, Cape Vincent, NY d. Feb 23, 1931 Sterlingville, NY  After the death of his first wife he m. (2nd) Cecilia Mary Gegoux Dec 28, 1890 Clayton County, NY.  Cecilia d May 7, 1933 in Watertown, NY.

5.  Ray Sidney Percy, b. Jan 3, 1893 in Clayton, NY d. May 8, 1933 Sterlingville, NY.  m. Jun 4, 1918 in Aldrige Settlement, NY to Lucy May O'Connell.  Lucy d. Feb 26, 1981 in Cicero, NY.


ID 118177 (Group C)
1. Captain Michael Pierce was born 1615 in England.  He married Persis Eames in 1645 in Hingham, MA.  He died March 26, 1676 in Pawtucket, RI.

2. Eprhaim Pierce, Sr. was born in 1647 in Scituate, MA.  He married Hannah Holbrook in 1670 in MA.  He died April 29, 1719 in Warwick, RI.

3. Ephraim Pierce, Jr.  was born in 1674 in Warwick RI.  He married Mary Low about 1693 in Swansea, MA. He died in Rehoboth, MA.

4. Dea. Mial Pierce was born April 24, 1692 or 3 in Swansea or Rehoboth, MA. He married Judith Rounds Ellis about 1717.  He died Oct. 18, 1786 in Rehoboth, MA.

5. Lt. Job Pierce Sr. was born April 25, 1723 in Rehoboth MA.  He married in the 1750s Abigail Pratt.  He died Oct 4 or 6, 1791 in Rehoboth, MA.

6. Job Pierce Jr. was born Aug. 7, 1753 in Rehoboth, MA.  He married Hannah Bullock Dec. 29, 1776.  He died Aug. 30, 1818 in Rehoboth, MA.

7. Benoni Pierce was born Oct. 21, 1781 in Rehoboth, MA.  He married Elizabeth Davis  Jan 1, 1805 in NY or MA.  He died June 26, 1855 in Blenheim Hill, NY.

8. Lemuel Davis Pierce was born  April 9, 1810 in Gilboa, NY.  He married Lydia Ruliffson April 28, 1836 in New York.  He died Dec. 19, 1898 in Balaton, MN.

9. Charles William Pierce was born  March 25, 1842 in N. Blenheim NY. He married Zoa Catherine van Deusen Feb. 29, 1868 in Green Lake Co., WI.  He died Feb. 18, 1914 in Minneapolis, MN.

10. Frank Joseph Pierce was born June 21, 1875 in Guttenberg, IA.  He married Eloda J. Sigurdson May 17, 1897 in Marshall, MN.  He died Nov. 17, 1953 in Minneapolis, MN.  She died July 27, 1904 and their children were orphaned.

11. Wesley Eugene Foster was born April 30, 1901 in Marshall, MN to Frank Pierce.  He was adopted by J.J. Foster in MN as a young child.  Wesley married Lenora Ruth Walter in 1938 or 1939, likely in Souix Falls, SD.  He died January 22, 1974 in Pontiac, MI.

ID 140847 (Group C)
1. CAPTAIN MICHAEL PIERCE was born 1615 in England.  He married PERSIS EAMES in 1645 in Hingham, MA.  He died March 26, 1676 in Pawtucket, RI.

2.  EPHRAIM PIERCE SR. was born 1646 in Hingham, Massachusetts, and died September 1719 in Warwick, Rhode Island.  He married HANNAH HOLBROOK.  She was born 1648 in Weymouth, Massachusetts, and died 1719 in Warwick, Massachusetts.

3.  EPHRAIM PIERCE JR. was born 1674 in Higham, Massachusetts, and died 1772 in Glouster, Rhode Island.  He married MARY LOW.  She was born 1677 in Swansea, Bristol MAssachusetts, and died Bef. 1772 in Glouster, Rhode Island.

4.  MIAL PIERCE was born April 25, 1693 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, and died October 18, 1786 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MAssachusetts.  He married JUDITH ROUND.  She was born 1687 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, and died October 06, 1744 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts.

5.  JOSHUA PIERCE was born 1728 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, and died 1785 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts.  He married MARY NORTON.  She was born 1727 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, and died 1791 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts.

6.  SHUBEL PIERCE was born 1757 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Masachusetts, and died June 09, 1833 in Hampton, Washington, New York.  He married ABIGAIL MASON.  She was born January 17 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, and died December 17, 1842 in Hampton, Washington, New York.

7.  AMOS PIERCE was born Abt. 1782 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts, and died Abt. 1845 in Washington, New York.  He married ELIZABETH "BETSEY" BROOKS.  She was born 1789 in Massachusetts, and died 1840 in Washington, New York.

8.  DR. AMOS MASON PIERCE was born November 17, 1818 in Poultney, Rutland, Vermont, and died January 27, 1885 in Morris, Grundy, Illinois.  He married HARRIET NEWEL FROST.  She was born in Dorset, Bennington, Vermont, and died January 14, 1891 in Aux Sable, Illinois.

9. FRANKLIN FROST PIERCE, b. Benington, Vermont; d. February 12, 1933, South Bend, Saint Joseph, Indiana; m. FRANCIS MARTHA WARNER; b. Paris, Brant, Ontario; d. South Bend, Saint Joseph, Indiana.


ID 178297 (Group C)
1. Possible Samuel or Simon Pierce from New York. Married Ann Gilmore born 1835 Penninghame, Scotland. She came to Wisconsin about 1840 with her parents and settled in Lisbon, Waukesha, WI. Their son's marriage certificate states his father as Samuel Pierce from New York. Another source states the name Simon Pierce. Family story states he was in the lumber trade and or possibly owned a harness shop in Chicago. 'Samuel' and Ann had one child named James.

2. James Samuel Pierce born March 24, 1872 Elyria, Lorain, OH. Married Nellie Gowans in 1897 Lisbon, Waukesha, WI. Died Aug 10, 1958 Gilman, Taylor, WI. Family story says that his mother Ann left Wisconsin to visit family in Ohio and while there gave birth to James and never heard from the father since. Baptized in Amherst, Lorain, OH. Baptismal note states "Mrs Pierce has not heard from the father since the 'great fire'. By 1875 had returned to Lisbon, Waukesha, WI with his mother where he was raised. Note, Ann is single in 1870 Lisbon, Waukesha, WI census and is later found as widowed after 1870.

Had the following surviving sons:
Franklin born 1898, died 1987
Allen born 1903, died 1894
Roy born 1907, died 1898

3. Franklin John Pierce born 1898 Lisbon, Waukesha, WI. Died May 5, 1987 Ripon, Fond du Lac, WI.

4. Clarence Pierce born 1924

ID 215368 (Group C)
1. Oliver Miles Pierce
Born USA  Died Ontario?  Married (Unknown)
According to stories, he fought for the Crown during the American Revolution. Came to
Melbourne, Quebec in 1801. In 1819 emigrated to Ontario. A son, also named Oliver
Miles Pierce, is buried in Forest, Ontario. There are two branches of the family. One
which stayed in Quebec, the other in Ontario.

There is a record of an Oliver Miles Pierce, born in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts,
October 17, 1769, a son of Jonathan and Jemima Miles Pierce, but seems young for
activity in the revolution. Strong possibility it could be him.

2. Jonathan Pierce
Born USA 1791, Died Melbourne, Quebec 1871. Married Elizabeth Gibson. Six children, 2
boys, 4 girls.

3. William Gibson Pierce
Born: February 19, 1819, Melbourne, Quebec  Died: October 15, 1894, Danville, Quebec.
Married Polly Wilson. Seven children. 4 boys, 3 girls.

4. Clement Edward Pierce
Born: February 25, 1853, Danville, Quebec  Died: August 10, 1905, Rosebud, Montana.
Married Mary Swartz. Five children. 2 boys, 3 girls.

5. Harry Morris Pierce
Born: July 3, 1901, Rosebud, Montana  Died: April 19, 1985, Greenacres, Washington.
Married (1) Agnes Odegard. One child, a boy. (2) Winona Dickinson. Three children, 2
boys, 1 girl.

ID Ancestry 9 (Group C)
1. Frederick Pierce born 1802 in Brandywine Hundred, New Castle County Delaware.
He married Anna Eliza Bullock 11 Dec. 1834 in Marcus Hook, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. He died
25 Feb 1855 in Home, Concord Pike, Bradywine Hundred, New Castle Co. Delaware

2. Alban M. Pierce born 18 March 1848 in Wilmington, New Castle Co. Delaware. He married
Harriet C. Poinsett Oct 1872 in Marcus Hook, Delaware Co. Pennsylvania

3. Harry M. Pierce born 09 Sept 1873 in Wilmington, Delaware. He married Elsie E. Hower.
He died Nov 1943 in Delaware

4. Harry Morrow Pierce Jr 26 Jan 1911 in Delaware. He married Elily Allen Lyle. He died
28 May 1975 in Fairfield, Connecticut

5. Harry M Pierce III born 22 May 1944 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He died 24 Nov 2009 in Houston Texas

ID 213554 (Group C)

1. Michael Pierce (1615-1676) and Persis Eames m. Bet. 1642-1643.

2. Benjamin Pierce (1646-1730) and Martha Adams m. before 1679.

3. Benjamin Pierce Jr. (1682/1683-1772) and Mary Cowen m. 5 Feb. 1711.

4. Benjamin Pierce III (1721-1768) and Charity Howard m. 3 Nov. 1742.

5. Johnathan A. Pierce (1745/46-1828) and Mary Litchfield m. 13 Feb. 1773.

6. Libbeus Pierce (1774-1845) and Vesta Bailey m. 18 Oct. 1799.

7. Paul Pierce (1801-1854) and Emeline Mead m. 19 Mar. 1826.

8. Franklin O. Pierce b. 1837 (about) New York m. Livera Holdren (b. 26 Apr 1831 d. 20 May 1910) on 09 Nov. 1851 Jo Daviess, Illinois.
trade, blacksmith
children-Frederic, George, Franklin (two daughter infant deaths)
Served in Civil War, rank pvt. company F, Unit 1 IL lt. Art
d. 10 Aug 1865 per family or 31 July 1865 per military of typhoid (interment Nashville National Cemetery (grave #J.14460).

9. George Pierce b. 1858 Brooklyn Township, Lee County, Illinois
m. Emma R. Lee (1863-1924) 27 September, 1879 in Nodaway County, Missouri.
trade, farmer
d. 1941 Ridgeway, Missouri (interment Ridgeway Cemetary, Harrison County, Missouri).

10. Jesse A. Pierce b. 13 June 1880 Ridgeway, Missouri m. Mabel Flora Lowe (1877-1967).
two sons and daughter infant death
He was oldest of 10 children, siblings listed in newspaper obituary: Henry Pierce of Ridgeway, Missouri; Fred Pierce of Houston, Texas; May Brown of Ridgeway, Missouri; Mollie Russel of Eagleville, Missouri; Leafie Lyons of Blythesdale, Missouri; Edna Pousch of Pueblo, Colorado; Ruth Hubbard of Cameron, Missouri, Wesley Pierce of Long Beach, California; Genetta Pierce of Eagleville, Missouri.
d. 17 May 1949 of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Sunland, California (interment Valhalla Cemetary, North Hollywood, California).

11. George Lowe Pierce b. 18 Jan. 1906 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma m. Hazel Leona Kerr (b. 21 Jan. 1914) in 1929 Tijuana, Mexico.
d. 21 Sept. 1980 of Sunland, California (interment Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, California).
His only sibling was Captain Donovan Floyd Pierce b. 23 Feb. 1900 Missouri m. Lita Mae Foy (1896-1970) childless union. Captain of the American steam merchant "Maltran", sunk by German U-759 July 5th, 1943. d. 2 Jan. 1966 of Sunland, California (interment Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills California).

12. George Donovan Pierce b. 26 Sept. 1930 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (no siblings) m. Roberta Mae Dorothy Fields 10 Oct. 1952 Placerville, California.
four offspring
d. 23 Jun. 2011 of Glendale & Placerville & La Quinta, California (interment Westwood Hills, Placerville, California).

Generations 13, 14, & 15 living
ID 290787 Group C
1.  CAPTAIN MICHAEL PIERCE was born 1615 in England and died 26 Mar 1676 in Pawtucket, RI. He married PERSIS EAMES in 1645 in Hingham, MA.

2.  EPHRAIM PIERCE SR. was born 1646 in Hingham, Massachusetts, and died September 1719 in Warwick, Rhode Island. He married HANNAH HOLBROOK. Hannah was born in 1648 in Weymouth, Massachusetts, and died 1719 in Warwick, Massachusetts.

3.  EPHRAIM PIERCE JR. was born 1674 in Higham, Massachusetts, and died 1772 in Glouster, Rhode Island. He married MARY LOW. Mary was born 1677 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, and died before 1772 in Glouster, Rhode Island.

4.  MIAL PIERCE was born 25 Apr 1693 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, and died 18 Oct 1786 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts. He married JUDITH ROUND. She was born 1687 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, and died 6 Oct 1744 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts.
5.  NATHAN PIERCE was born 21 Feb 1716 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts and died 14 Apr 1793 in the same place. He married LYDIA MARTIN. Lydia was born 17 Jul 1718.
6.  PELEG PIERCE was born 15 Nov 1756. He married Mehitale. Mehitale was born in 1776 and died 10 Feb 1810.
7.  GARDNER PIERCE was born 21 Aug 1801 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts and died 21 Sep 1869 in Rhode Island. Gardner was married to Sarah Wood (and later to Elvira Grace).
8. GARDNER F PIECE was born 14 Sep 1833 in Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts. He married Fanny Anderson of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, in 1851.  Four children were born to them.  Gardner ended up in Buffalo, New York where he enlisted in the Civil War.  He deserted and Fanny had him declared dead when legally possible.  But, he was not dead!  For reasons unknown, Gardner reinvented himself as THEODORE HALLSTED and married EMMA ELIZABETH FRANKLIN BURGESS in 1867.  Emma was born 14 May 1850 in Maine, and died 15 June 1919 in Spokane, Washington.  Theodore died 14 Feb 1908 in Todd County, Minnesota.
9.  AMOS JOHN HALLSTED was born 23 Oct 1869 in Minnesota, and died 6 Jul 1908 in Yamhill County, Oregon. He married AMANDA JANE MILIRON. Amanda was born 16 Feb 1873 in Rice County, Minnesota, and died 27 Jul 1955.
ID 296658 (Group C)
1. Alfred Pierce Sr.
   b.  1813-1816 in New York State
   m. Mary Ann Roof bef 1842 in New York
   d.  21 Dec 1851 in New York City (Manhattan), New York, New York
2. Alfred Pierce Jr.
   b.  24 Sep 1847 in New York City, New York, New York
   m. Caroline E. H. Birchler 24 Jul 1887 in Manhattan New York City, New York,
        New York
   d.  18 Feb 1894 in New York City, New York, New York
3. Louis Alfred Pierce
   b.  4 Jan 1889 in Manhattan New York City, New York, New York
   m. Ella May Bennett 18 June 1913 in Jersey City, Hudson,
        New Jersey
   d.  24 March 1943 in Bogota, Bergen, New Jersey
4. Raymond Alfred Pierce
   b.  26 Mar 1914 in Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey
   m. 27 Aug 1938 in New York City, New York, New York
   d.  22 Dec 1993 in Toms River, Ocean, New Jersey


ID 304906 (Group C)
1.  Michael Pierce, abt. 1615, d. 26 March 1676 (by Indians); m. _______

2.  John Pierce, b. abt 1660, d. June 1738; m. Patience Dobson

3.  John Pierce, b. 12 April 1686, d. April 1766; m. Abigal Vinton

4.  Elisha Pierce, b.____, d.____., m.____

5.  Elisha Pierce, b.  1746, d. 1839; m. Elizabeth Kane

6.  Sabbinus Pierce, b.  12 Jan 1772, d. 20 July 1843; m. Elsie Ballou
    (brother of Eliphalet Pierce in the DNA record)

7.  Otis Pierce, b. 24 Nov 1801, d. 20 May 1871; m. Mary Bement

8.  Henry Otis Pierce, b. 18 March 1830, d. 6 June 1902; m. Mary A Thompson

9.  Walter Henry Pierce, b. 22 December 1860, d. 17 May 1949; m. Julia Ann Fox

10. Ernest Walter Henry Pierce, b. 1 April 1886, d. 21 June 1976; m. Eva Adeline Lovejoy

11. Edson Bryant Pierce, b. 3 August 1919, d. 16 October 2005; m. Lillian Irene Ellis
All of this information from Otis Pierce back to Michael Pierce is from the Pierce Genealogy  NO. IV. Being the record of the posterity of Capt. Michael, John, and Capt. William Pierce who came to this country from England. By Fredrick Clifton Pierce, of Rockford, Ill. Published for the author by Joel Munsell’s Sons, Albany, N.Y. 1889. Call number 929.273 P611 pf.


ID B6495 (Group C)

1. Lawrence Pierce

Born: 28 Apr 1783 Westmoreland, Cheshire, New Hampshire

Died: 28 Apr, 1862 Ronald, Ionia, Michigan

Married:  Lucinda Rice / Royce, 13 Dec 1811, Chesterfield, Cheshire, New Hampshire

Note, Marriage record gives Lawrence’s residence as Derry (Londonderry, Vermont)

2. Adriel  Pierce

Born: 21 Dec 1821, Londonderry, Windham, Vermont

Died: 27 Apr 1906, Ronald, Ionia, Michigan

Married:  Caroline Genet Redington, 4 May 1844 Ohio (probably Lorain County)

3. Ezra J Pierce

Born: 15 Dec. 1848, Ronald, Ionia, Michigan

Died:  31 Jan 1923, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan

Married: Emily Jane Haysmer, 7 Oct 1874, Ronald, Ionia , Michigan

4. Glenn Lawrence Pierce

Born: 8 Feb 1883, Ronald, Ionia, Michigan

Died:  15 Nov 1947, Roscommon County, Michigan

Married: Ada Blanche Allen,  8 Feb, 1905, Ionia, Ionia, Michigan

5. Robert  Eugene Pierce

Born: May 20, 1922, Ionia, Ionia, Michigan

Died:  7 Dec 1998, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan

Married:  Florence Laura Gott, 30 Dec. 1943, Ionia, Ionia, Michigan


ID 363995 (Group C)
1. Joseph(?) Pierce (I?) b. before 1665.  Believed to have had at least five sons: Joseph II, John, Abraham, Benjamin and William.
2. Joseph Pierce (II?)b. abt 1699 on the Brandywine border of Pennsylvania/Delaware.  Died February 1782 in Brandywine Hundred, New Castle, Delaware.  Married Mary Jackson on 4 Jan 1722 in Wilmington, New Castle, DE.  She died before 1760 when Joseph married Beata Vandivere.  Joseph and Mary had at least six children:  Levi, George, Henry, Joseph (III?), John and Richard.
3  Henry Pierce I b. abt 1725 on the Brandywine border of Pennsylvania/Delaware.  Name of wife was Ann Bailey.  She died before 1790. They had 8 children: Joseph, Mary, Benjamin, John, Rachel (twin), Elizabeth (twin), Samuel and Henry.  Henry died in 1789 in Brandywine Hundred, New Castle, Delaware.

4  Henry Pierce II b. abt 1759 on the Brandywine border of Pennsylvania/Delaware. Name of wife was Ann D (possibly Davis) and date of marriage was probably abt 1789 or 1790. Ann Pierce died on January 16, 1852 in New Castle County, Delaware. (Their son, Henry, in 1880 states Pennsylvania as her place of birth but his brother, John, states Delaware. Henry had four sons: James (1794 b. Pennsylvania), Henry (1797 b. Delaware), George (1799 b. Delaware) and John (1809 b. Delaware) who all moved to Brown County, Ohio where they farmed and ran grist mill that the oldest brother James may have built. Henry is believed to have died before 1810 since he's not in the census but had a son, John, born the previous year in 1809. Henry and Ann had five other children who are believed to have stayed in Delaware: William, Mary, Timothy, Margaret and Sarah.
5. Henry Pierce III b. 25 October 1797 in West Chester, Delaware (according to obituary in newspaper). Married Sarah (Unknown) before 1828 in Brandywine Hundred, Delaware. Moved to Brown County, Ohio in 1833. First wife died in 1834.  Remarried on 9 June 1835 in Brown County to Mary Wall.  Owned and operated Pierce Grist Mill. Named sons Alfred (1st wife) and Marshall, Bailey and Andrew Richard (2nd wife). Died in Brown County on 8 March 1881.
6. Andrew Richard Pierce b. 1 Aug 1845 in Pleasant Township, Brown County, Ohio.  Married Lucinda Watson on 30 April 1867 in Brown County, Ohio. Died in Scioto County, Ohio on 18 December 1927.
7. Elmer Pierce b. 3 August 1879 in Brown County, Ohio. Married Adelia Agnes Howard in Scioto County, Ohio on 24 August 1906. Died in Scioto County, Ohio on 31 July 1953.
8. Virgil Clifton Pierce b. 26 May 1920 in Scioto County, Ohio.  Married Dorothy Lee on 6 Sep 1945 in Russell, Kentucky.  Divorced on 8 Aug 1946.  Married Frances Esther Shackleford in Greenup, Kentucky on 23 Aug 1946.  Died in Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio on 10 Sep 2004.


ID 377660 (Group C)
1. Benjamin  Pierce, born 1759, probably in NY state, died 7 June 1832 in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY.  He married Margaret about 1780.  She was born in 1764 and died 30 August 1829 in Washington Co., NY.  The family resided in Washington Co., New York by 1790.

2. Norris Pierce, born 15 December 1798 in Washington Co., New York, died 1 April 1846 in Medina Co., Ohio.  Norris married Purlie Richards 7 Feb 1819 in Washington Co., NY.

3. Oscar Alonzo Pierce, born 25 March 1828 in Washington Co., NY, died 29 Sept. 1903 Winona Co., MN.  He married Maria Miles in Ohio on 20 Feb. 1850.

4. Norris Pierce, born 17 Dec. 1850 in Ohio, died 4 February 1920 in Beadle Co., South Dakota.  He married Ella Florence Rose on 31 December 1873 in St. Charles, Winona Co., Minnesota.

5. Fred Arthur Pierce, born 1 August 1882 in Lake Co., South Dakota, died in Minneapolis, MN on 6 May 1935.  He married Alida LeBrec in 1903.


ID 433643 (Group C)
1. Captain Michael Pierce b. ca 1615-1620, England, d. 26 Mar 1676, m. about 1644, Persis Eames bapt. 28 Oct 1621 Fordington, Dorset, England, d. 31 Dec 1662, Hingham, MA

 2. Ephraim Pierce b. ca 1647, Hingham, MA, d. 14 Sep 1719, Warwick, RI, m. ca 1671, Hannah Holbrook b. ca 1648, MA, d. after 1719

 3. Mial Pierce b. 24 Apr 1693, Rehoboth, MA, d. 18 Oct 1786, Swansea, MA, m. 26 Nov 1711, Judith Round b. 1686, d. 6 Oct 1744, Rehoboth, MA

 4. Job Pierce Sr b. 25 Apr 1723, Rehoboth, MA, d. 4 Oct 1791, Rehoboth, MA, m. Feb 1744, Abigail Pratt b. Apr 1726, d. 3 May 1813

 5. Job Pierce Jr b. 7 Aug 1753, Rehoboth, MA, d. 30 Aug 1818, Durham, Greene, NY, m. 29 Dec 1776, Rehoboth, MA, Hannah Bullock b.18 Sep 1755, Rehoboth, MA, d. 30 May 1850, Durham, Greene, NY

 6. Benonia Pierce b. 20 Oct 1781, Rehoboth, MA, d. 20 Jun 1855, Gilboa, NY, m. 1 Jan 1805, NY, Elizabeth Davis b. 9 May 1789, NY, d. 26 Sep 1881, NY

 7. Hiram Pierce b. 22 Jan 1806, Durham, NY, d. 19 Dec 1885, Earlville, IA, m. 25 Nov 1830, NY, Miriam Strong b. 5 Feb 1808, Cuba, NY, d. 31 Mar 1882, Earlville, IA

 8. Benonia Pierce b. 31 Mar 1834, Blenheim, NY, d. 5 Dec 1906, Earlville, IA, m. 19 Apr 1860, Morseville, IL, Thankful Bixby b. 1843, Vermont, d. 1923, Earlville, IA

 9. Frank Herbert Pierce b. 29 Dec 1872, Earlville, IA, d. 25 Jan 1937, Manchester, IA, m. 5 Oct 1898, Manchester, IA, Elizabeth (Ella) Lyons b. 2 Sep 1875, Adams, IA, d. 26 Feb 1962, Manchester, IA

10. Lawrence W. Pierce b. 2 Mar 1902, Ehler, IA, d. 14 Dec 1953, Chandler, AZ, m. 18 Apr 1924, Manchester, IA, Mabel Traver b. 27 Jan 1905, Coffins Grove, IA, d. 22 Jan 1987, Chandler, AZ


ID 467582 (Group C)
1.  Henry (Harry?) Ward Pearce, b Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Pearce (Father , Henry Wolf? b abt 1791?) born in Hamburg, (Mother Hessian), Children: Clara A, Maria C., Henry W, James, William, Adam, Ella.
2.  Henry Ward Pearce, b Pennsylvania, married Christianea Watson (Parents (James Watson, Ann Lawman) born in Scotland), b Philadelphia,Aug 1858. 3 children: Harry Ward Pearce b Pennsylvania  Apr 1877, James Watson Pearce b Pennsylvania Sept 1880, Jennie Pearce, b Pennsylvania Sept 1881.
3.  Harry Ward PEARCE born April 2, 1876/7 Philadelphia, PA, d June 18, 1923,  married Maude Lillian Davis born Oct 24, 1882, d Philadelphia, PA September 26, 1958, Marriage August 17, 1903  4 children, Ethel Mildred  PEARCE b June 9, 1903, Harry Ward PEARCE b May 9, 1907,  James Watson Pearce, Philadelphia PA, b March 25, 1909, Morton William Pearce, b April 10, 1911,d July 1911.
4. James Watson PEARCE, SR. ,Born March 25, 1909, Philadelphia, PA, Virginia Died: August 24,  1975, Newport News, Virginia
Married  Virginia May BUHRMAN b June 8, 1911, Married June 11, 1932. Two  boys,  James Watson PEARCE, JR., b Newport News, Virginia June 21, 1936 d North Carolina June 2001.


ID 524042 (Group C)
1. Capt. Michael Pierce 1615 - 08/03/1675 Persis Pierce Eames b. 10/28/1621
2. Ephraim Pierce b. 1650- Scituate Plymouth Colony, d.  09/14/1719 - Hannah Holbrook b.1656
3. Ephraim Pierce b. 10/1674 Warwick colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations - Mary Low b. 1675 Swansea Bristol, MA
4. Deacon Mial Pierce b. 04/24/1693 Rehoboth Bristol County, province of MA d. 10-18-1786 - Judith Rounds b.1688 Swansea Bristol, MA
5. Captain Mial Pierce b. 03/24/1722 Rehoboth Bristol, MA. d. 03/15/1792 - Patience Martin b. 03/24/1722 Swansea Bristol, MA.
6. Daniel Pierce b. 1746 MA. d. 10/18/1840 Castile WY - Mary Hicks b. 08/24/1755
7. Reverend Isaac Pierce b. 11/14/1776 Rehoboth Bristol Co. MA. d. 02/23/1860 Lawrence Co. NY - Elizabeth Taylor 11/19/1776 Hartford NY
8. Daniel Pierce 05/10/1802 Oswegatchie NY d. 08/28/1822 - Polly Day 1804
9. Nathan Daniel Pierce b. 09/23/1837 d. 11/23/1909 Newton County MO. - Ora Viola Kingsbury b. MA., d. 01/06/1922 Sedalia MO.
10. Fred Daniel Pierce b. 12/21/1878 d. 01/03/1967 Newton Co. MO. - Mina Charlotte Gold b. 03/12/1881
11. Harold Daniel Pierce b. 10/21/1911 d. 06/06/1986 Hugoton, KS - Thelma McDaniel b. 02/22/1915


ID 685795 (Group C)
This is a descendant of Erby Pierce (1797-1873) of Wilmington, DE, who married Margaret Cooper of NJ. Their descendants lived in the New Castle County, DE area.


ID 766562 (Group C)
1. Rufus Pierce b. unknown date New York, d. 23 Dec 1855 Waupaca County, Wisconsin; m. Elizabeth Sarah Snyder of New York, unknown date New York.

2. Merritt Pierce b. 3 May 1824 unknown county, New York, d. 22 Jul 1912, Blue Earth County, Minnesota; m. Elizabeth Doty 7 Mar 1849 Waupaca County, Wisconsin then m. Alice Bennett 10 Jan 1871 Olmsted County, Minnesota.

3. Frank Pierce b. 24 Jun 1885, Omsted County, Minnesota. d. 3 Mar 1956, King County, Washington; m. Wanda Leota Nelson 28 Jun 1910, Blue Earth County, Minnesota.

4. Woodrow Wilson Pierce b. 18 Aug 1913, Blue Earth County, Minnesota. d. 27 Nov 1957, King County Washington; m. Leona Veranth 01 Apr 1935, Ramsey County, Minnesota.



ID 632559 (Group C)
1.Bailey David Pearce b. 1790 in Delaware County, Pennsylvania m Elizabeth (UMN) before 1831, d. abt 1880 in Hocking County, Ohio

2. John Wesley Pearce b. 19 October 1831 in Hocking County, Ohio, m Zelda Jane Fox on 25 Dec 1853, d. 03 Jan 1903 in Hocking County Ohio.

3. Allen Francis Pearce, b. 09 September 1856 in Hocking County, Ohio, m. Anna Savilla Carpenter in 1881, d. 11 May 1939, Pickaway County, Circleville, OH

4. Arthur Ray Pearce, b. 27 June 1890 in Circleville, Ohio, m. Helen Suzan Ogan, d. 3 Jan 1969 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio.

5. Allen Ray Pearce, b. 11 Sept. 1927, in Circleville, Ohio.

6. Richard Allen Pearce, b. 27 June 1946 in Columbus, Ohio, m. Martha Earlece Humphries, d. 18 May, 2010.



ID 472564 (Group C)
1. Possible Samuel or Simon Pierce from New York. Married Ann Gilmore born 1835 Penninghame, Wigtownshire, Scotland. She came to the USA in 1842 with her parents and settled in the Town of Lisbon, Waukesha County, WI. Their son's marriage certificate states his father as Samuel Pierce from New York. Another source states the name Simon Pierce. Family story states he was in the lumber trade and or possibly owned a harness shop in Chicago. 'Samuel' and Ann had one child named James.

2. James Samuel Pierce born March 24, 1872 Elyria, Lorain, OH. In 1897 he married Helen Gowans in Sussex, Waukesha, WI. He died Aug 10, 1958 Gilman, Taylor, WI. Family story says that his mother Ann left Wisconsin to visit family in Ohio and while there gave birth to James and never heard from the father since. James was baptized in Amherst, Lorain, OH. Baptismal notes state "Mrs Pierce has not heard from the father since the 'great fire'. By 1875 James had returned to the Town of Lisbon, Waukesha, WI with his mother, where she raised him. Note: Ann is single in the 1870 Lisbon, Waukesha, WI census. In 1880 she is listed as single. In 1895 the WI State Census refers to her as "Mrs. Pierce". Beginning in 1900 censuses list her as "widowed".

James Samuel Pierce and Helen Gowans had the following surviving sons:
Franklin John born 1898, died 1987
Allen James born 1903, died 1984
Roy Samuel born 1907, died 1989


ID N10306 (Group D)
1. John Pearce m. Joan Isble Jan 1635/6

2. John Pearce b. 23 Feb 1643/4 m. Elizabeth

3. John Pearce b. 1695 m. Susanna Thomas 22 Oct 1715

4. John Pearce b. 22 Feb 1719/20 m. Mary Batten 12 Nov 1739

5. John Pearce b. 21 June 1747 m. Catherine Cossentine 17 June 1793

6. Samuel Pearce b. 9 June 1794 m. Jane Polsue 29 Dec 1820

7. Henry Pearce b. 8 Feb 1824 m. Mary Jones 19 Nov 1846

8. William Pearce b. 6 Nov 1859 m. Elizabeth Vine 11 Dec 1882

9. William Pearce b. 13 Jan 1885 m. Hetty Walkham 23 March 1912

All were all born in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

ID 107154 (Group D)
1. Thomas Pearse  m. Florence Hicks (children all born in Yealmpton,  Devon England)

2. William Pearse  1704 - 1765  m. Catherine Madders  1705 - 1784

3. William Pearse  1728 -..  m. Sarah Weeks  1727 -

4. Joseph Pearse 1750/51 - 1827 Plymstock  m. Elizabeth Lavers 1754 - 1839

5. William Pearse  1780 - 1832 Courtsgate Farm, Staddiscombe  m. Mary Jane Miners  1787 - 1887 Southern House, Plymstock

6. Thomas Pearse   1828 - 1919 Southern House, Plymstock  m. Catherine Maria Rowe    - 1893 Leyford Farm, Plymstock

7. William Harold Pearse  1857 - 1933 Southern House, Plymstock  m. Elizabeth Harvey     - 1906

8. Thomas Gerald Pearse 1889 - 1976   b. Langdon Barton, Wembury; d.  Ottawa, IL, USA  m. Olive Elizabeth Watts  1892 - 1976 Ottawa, IL, USA

ID N15039 (Group E)
I.  (1) Benson S. Pierce b.? Steuben county New York, m. Esther Hutches. d.
May 15  1867 in Steuben County NY
(2) His younger brother William Pierce was executor of Benson's will  and
was 36 at the time. 

II. (1) Karol Pierce b. August 14, 1863 - (later changed name from Karol to Frank
Hutches Pierce) Hebron Illinois, m.(1) Lenora Dalton (Upper Marlboro MD)
d. 1890, m.(2) Marie Teressa Robert (Washington DC, 1891)
d. Jan 1930 Washington DC
(2) Benson Pierce, b. Nov 21 1856 (Hebron Illinois) d. 1916, Arlington VA
(3) George Theodore Pierce (mentioned in will of his father - apparently
an older half-brother) 

III. Frank Hutches Pierce,Jr  b. January 19, 1890 (Washington DC) m. Leonora
Ball Brown, 25 October 1925 (Princess Anne  MD) d. November 19 1952

ID 66776 (Group F)
1. James H. Pierce b. circa 1760 in New Hampshire,  married Martha ?   in  North  Carolina.  Settled in Edgefield district, South Carolina. Dates unknown.

2. Reuben Harrison Pierce was born October 13, 1812 in SC, and died August  24, 1890 in Pyatt, Marion Co., AR.  He married Sarah Baker December 15, 1836 in Hall Co., GA. Reuben died in 1890 and was buried in Patton  Cemetery, near Pyatt, Marion County, AR. Sarah Baker was born Oct. 6, 1815 in Georgia, d. in 1886, Pottsville, Arkansas.

3. Levi Richard (Bud) Pierce, b. August 23, 1844 Marietta, Cobb Co., GA; d.  January 07, 1918, Yellville, Marion Co., Arkansas. m. Marietta (Molly) Bell Oct. 8, 1870.  She died Dec. 31, 1940.

4. Elmer Lee Pierce b. June 14, 1873 Marion County Arkansas. d. April 3, 1932.  m. Julia Mclean Mar. 27, 1898. She was born June 13, 1874 d. July 5, 1961.

5. Joseph Doyle Pierce born Dec. 21, 1902 in Russellville, Arkansas d. Sept. 18, 1981 Skiatook, Oklahoma. m. Eunice Adele  b. April 8, 1906 Colliers, W. Va.   d. Feb. 1, 1969.  Both are buried at Sperry Okla. Rest Haven Cemetery.

ID 180196 (Group G)
1. Solomon Pierce b. 1807 New York d. 1865  Blooming Grove, Indiana.  Married  1827 New York to Caroline Sniffin b. 1809 Rye, Westchester, New York, d. (?) 1882 Indiana.

2. Converse Bacon Pierce b. 1837 Blooming Grove, Indiana d. 1886 Sandborn, Indiana. Married 1858 Blooming Grove, Indiana to Mary Jane Warner b. 1842 Blooming Grove, Indiana d. 1914 Indianapolis, Indiana.

3. Edwin "Edward" Pierce b. 1870 Charleston, llinois d. 1914 Iowa. Married 1892 Sandborn, Indiana Rosa Houghland b. 1872 Sandborn, Indiana d. 1901 Sandborn, Indiana.

4. Converse J. Pierce b. 1897 Sandborn, Indiana d.1983 Linton, Indiana.  Married 1923 Terre Haute, Indiana G. Marie Beal  b. 1902  Memphis, Indiana d. 1983 Linton, Indiana.

5. Donald W. Pierce b. 1927 Terre Haute, Indiana. Married 1954 Indianapolis, Indiana Rosemarie Hudson b. 1939 Dayton, Ohio.

ID 70082 (Group H)

1. Richard Pearce b Bristol, Somerset, England 1615 d Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island Abt. Sept. 1678 m Waltham Abbey, County Essex, England 05 May 1642 Married to Susannah Wright 
2. George Pearce b Portsmouth, Rhode Island 10 July 1662 d Little Compton, Rhode Island Abt 03 Sept 1752 m Little Compton, Rhode Island 07 April 1687 Married  to Alice Hart 
3. James Pearce b Little Compton, Rhode Island 04 Sept 1691 d Little Compton, Rhode Island 24 Sept 1755 m Little Compton Rhode Island 05 Mar 1712 Married to Martha Wilbore     
4. Samuel Pearce b Little Compton, R.I. 29 Jan 1734 d Warren, R.I. Bef Sept 1796 m Little Compton, R.I. 12 Nov 175  Married to Betsy/Betty/Elizabeth Simmons
5. James Pearce b Warren, R.I. (Prob) 10 Dec 1765 d Prob N. C. Aft 1834 m Camden Co, N.C. (Prob) Bef 28 Mar 1803 Married to Sally/Sarah McBride 
6. Samuel Pearce b N.C. 9 Apr 1812 d Henderson Co. Tenn. m ca 1836 Married to Sarah Collins               
7. J.D./Jerry/Jeremiah Pearce b Tennessee 6 March 1837 d Durant OK 13 Feb 1901 m Mifflin, Tn 22 Nov 1866 Married to Mary G. Pruitt
8. Hubert Edward Pearce b Lonoke Ark 25 May 1873 d Clarendon Ark 11 Dec 1949 m Monroe County 26 April 1899 Married to Bettie Fanchier Black    

ID Sorenson 3 (Group H)
Generations 1-3 same as ID 70082 above.

4. William Pierce b. June 14, 1713  Little Compton, RI. m. Elizabeth Woodman Nov. 02, 1735. 
5. James Pierce b. Oct. 09, 1740, Little Compton, RI. He m. Deborah Hunt July 04, 1762, Little Compton, RI. Capt. in Rev. War and died March 02, 1821 in RI.  
6. William Pierce, b. June 07, 1766 in Little Compton, RI. He m. Eleanor Pierce July 1790, Little Compton, RI. He served in the Revolutionary War and d. May 15, 1846, RI.  
7. Henry L. Pierce b. April 30, 1793, Little Compton, RI. He m. Hailey T. Pierce (some records say Hailey Turner Manley).  He res. in Naples, NY.  He d. June 13, 1881 in Athens, Michigan.
8. William H. Pierce b. Jan. 03, in 1818 Naples, New York. m. Rowena T. Carpenter in 1847.  He died in 1868 in Bristol, NY.
9. Robert Melvin Pierce b. Jan. 09, 1851.  m. Ida May Pierce. Jan. 06, 1885 in Canandaigua, NY. He died Aug. 08, 1937 in Canandaigua, NY. 
10. Leon Josiah Pierce b. Dec. 8, 1889 Canandaigua, NewYork.  He m. Barbara Shearer.

ID Ancestry 1 (Group H)
1.  Richard Pearce was born 1590 in England.  He married Martha. 
2.  Richard Pearce was born 1615 in England, and died 1678 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  He married Susanna Wright.  She was born 1620, and died Bef. 1678. 
3.  George Pierce/Pearce was born July 10, 1662 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and died August 30, 1752 in Little Compton, Rhode Island.  He married Alice Hart.  She was born March 08, 1663/64, and died March 11, 1717/18 in Little Compton, Rhode Island. 
4.  James Pierce/Pearce was born 1691, and died 1755.  He married Martha Wilbore.  She was born 1690, and died 1760. 
5.  William Pierce/Pearce was born January 19, 1712/13 in Little Compton, Rhode Island.  He married Elizabeth Woodman.  She was born September 10, 1713 in Rhode Island, and died 1752. 
6.  James Pierce/Pearce was born October 09, 1740 in Little Compton, Rhode Island, and died 1821 in Little Compton, Rhode Island.  He married Deborah Hunt.  She was born May 06, 1739 in Little Compton, Rhode Island. 
7.  William L. Pierce  was born June 07, 1766, and died 1846.  He married Eleanor Pearce.  She was born January 05, 1769, and died January 23, 1834. 
8.  Henry Leighton Pierce was born April 30, 1793 in Little Compton, Rhode Island, and died June 13, 1861 in Athens, Michigan.  He married Hailey Turner Manley.  She was born December 17, 1792 in Little Compton, Rhode Island, and died December 30, 1859 in Naples, New York. 
9.  William Henry Pierce was born February 13, 1818, and died 1868 in Bristol, New York.  He married Rowena T. Carpenter.  She was born July 10, 1819 in Middlesex, New York, and died December 29, 1893 in Canandaigua, New York. 
10.  George Washington Pierce was born April 19, 1860 in Bristol, New York, and died August 05, 1951 in Canandaigua, New York.  He married Fannie F. Francis.  She was born September 12, 1865 in Elyria, Ohio, and died September 29, 1947 in Canandaigua, New York. 
11.  Irmin Leighton Pierce was born October 16, 1886 in Bristol, New York, and died January 03, 1962 in Canandaigua, New York.  He married Mary Isabel Fox.  She was born July 09, 1894 in East Bloomfield, New York, and died February 23, 1979 in Canandaigua, New York. 
12.  Sherwood George Pierce was born February 26, 1927 in Canandaigua, New York, and died September 28, 1995 in Canandaigua, New York.  He married Dorothy Mae Mumerow.  She was born July 30, 1931 in Canandaigua, New York, and died May 03, 1981 in Rochester, New York. 

ID Ancestry 5 (Group H)
Generations #1-9 the same as in ID Ancestry 1 above.

10. Daniel Webster Pierce was born November 3, 1852 in Bristol, New York, and died August 15, 1929 in Canandaigua, New York. He married Madeline Rogers. She was born November 17, 1848 in York Michigan, and died October 5, 1925 in Canandaigua, New York.
11. Roy Carpenter Pierce was born August 20, 1880 in Bristol, New York, and died July 17, 1953 in Canandaigua, New York. He married Julia Evelyn Farnum. She was born July 03, 1879 in Canandaigua, New York, and died 1973 in Canandaigua, New York.
12. Elvin Henry Pierce was born November 19, 1913 in Canandaigua, New York, and died March 28, 1985 in Oswego, New York. He married Mary Elizabeth Fuller. She was born January 18, 1913 in Canandaigua, New York, and died August 2, 2003 in Pulaski, New York.

ID 52809 (Group H)
1.  William Pierce born May 5, 1777 Connecticut mar. Jane Post born 30 Dec 1779 Dutchess Co., NY. Wm. died Oct 1855; Jane died April 1869 both in Greene Co., NY and are buried there.
2.  Probable son: Joseph Pierce born about 1806 Greene Co., NY  married Catherine Lampman (1800-1883)  Joseph died 15 May 1882, Kiskatom, Catskill, Greene Co., NY 
3.  Erastus Pierce born 24 Dec 1835 Jacksonville, (now Earlton) Greene Co., NY;  died March 18, 1930 Schenectady, NY aged 94  married 30 June 1858 by Baptist Minister in Greene Co., NY  Eliza Ann Rose b. 1833 died 22 March 1910 Worcester, Otsego Co NY 
4.  LaRue Erastus Pierce born 13 Feb 1869 Worcester, Otsego Co., NY died 27 March 1947, Oneonta, NY  married 16 Aug 1907 Unadilla, NY  Maggie Minnie Palmeter b. 14 July 1890 Westford, Otsego Co.,  NY; died Oct 10, 1950 Oneonta, NY.

ID 170997 (Group H)
1. Richard Pierce b 1733/34 Bristol MA, d 1822 Christiansburg VA,

m 1768 Abigail Alburtus/Alburtis b 1742/48    
m 1773/76 Margaret Knight (aka Peggy) b 1736, d 1789 (?)

2. Thomas Pierce b 1796 Botetourt Co VA, d 1855 Delaware Co IN,
m 1819 Susanna Thompson b 1827, d 1879 Delaware Co IN

3. Calaway Pierce b 15 SEP 1822 Montgomery County VA, d FEB 1916 Delaware County IN (aka Callaway, Calloway, Caloway)
m 1849 Ruanna(h) Goodpasture b 1827 Warren Co OH, d 1879
Delaware Co IN
m 1883 Matilda Luce McAllister b 1829 Miami Co OH, d 1910
Delaware Co IN

4. Thomas C Pierce b 1849 Delaware Co IN, d 1938 Delaware Co IN      
m 21 Sep1872 Mary E. Huffman b 4 Jul 1852 Rockingham Co VA, d 17 May 1915 Delaware Co IN

5. Thomas C Pierce b Oct 28 1894, Middleton, Henry Co IN
d 1971 Anderson, Madison Co IN
m 4 Jun 1914 Doris Cuba Hall b 17 Mar 1896 Middleton, Henry Co IN, d 5 Dec 1980 Anderson, Madison Co IN

6. Jack Willis Pierce b 17 Jun 1930 Pendleton, Madison Co IN
d 4 Dec 2017 Lake Tallavana, Havana Co FL
m Jun 1951 Dawn Gloria Smith b 1926 Windsor, York Co PA, d 3 Dec 2012

ID 100781 (Group H)
1. Richard Pearce born in Bristol, Somerset England 1615.

Died Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island about September 1678.
Married in Waltham Abbey, County Essex, England May 5, 1642. Married to Susannah Wright.
2. William Pearce born in Portsmouth Rhode Island about 1660. 
Married to Hannah. Bought land in Westchester County, Mamaroneck in 1694.
Moved to Long Island in 1698. Four children.
3. Richard Pearce born about 1693. Living in Cow Neck, Hempstead Long Island.
Died in 1744. Married Susannah. Three children.
4. Samuel Pearce married Abigail Powell in 1738. Resided in Hempstead, Long Island.
Died in 1758. Nine children.
5. Richard Pearce / Pierce born in Hempstead Long Island about 1750. Died in 1822.
Married Abigail Alburtis September 27, 1768. Married second wife Peggy Knight.
Moved to Montgomery County, Christiansburg Virginia in 1789. Nine children.
6. William Pierce born 1787 in Christiansburg Virginia. Died July 12, 1874. 
Married Jane Smith October 29, 1811. Moved to Vinton County, Radcliff, Ohio.  Fourteen children.
7. Wesley Pierce Born March 15, 1834. Died January 23, 1917. Married Catherine Stull March 29, 1853. Six children.
8. Hiram Pierce born 1855 Vinton County, Radcliff Ohio. Died May 1, 1930 Vinton County Radcliff Ohio.
Married Maggie Cooper on January 15, 1880. Four Children.
9. Wallace Kirtland Pierce born November 16, 1897. Vinton County, Radcliff Ohio.
Died July 10, 1974, Vinton County McArthur, Ohio.  Married Lora Petty August 6, 1919. Six Children.


ID 787833 (Group H)
1. James (Kitt) Pearce
        M: Deborah Hunt                                                        

2. William Pierce
        B: June 7, 1766; Little Compton, RI
        D: May 15, 1846; South Bristol, NY
        M: Eleanor Pearce
                   B: January 5, 1769 Barrington, RI
                   D: March 25, 1886; Dover, WI

3. Benjamin Franklin Pierce
        B: July 2, 1801; Little Compton, RI
        D: December 7, 1890; Burlington, WI
        M: Rowena Hills, December 10, 1882 South Bristol, NY
                   B: February 9, 1803; Rutland, Vermont
                   D: March 25, 1886; Dover, WI

4. Alonzo Alvin Pierce (or Alvin Alonzo Pierce? Family records interchange names)
        B: 1827; Dover WI
        D: 1925; Dover, WI
        M: Elizabeth Sprout (or Sproat or Sproot?)
                   B: June 1840
                   D: March 23, 1914

5. Edward Carson Pierce
        B: November 23, 1870
        D: December 7, 1933
        M: Isabelle Overson; March 25, 1896
                  B: February 4, 1866
                  D: December 12, 1925
                             Lloyd Alvin Pierce
                             Leland Carson Pierce

6. Leland Carson Pierce
        B: 1899, Dover, WI
        D: 1949, Los Angeles, CA
        M: Magadeline Anna Ullensvang

7. Edward Carson Pierce
        B: December 30,1932: Los Angeles, CA
        D: April 12, 2011; Palm Springs, CA
        M: Joan Bundt
                            Gregory Pierce
                            Jeanne Pierce
                            Sally Pierce Morrow
                            Elizabeth Pierce Jefferson

8. Gregory Pierce
        B: July 29, 1952; Los Angeles, CA
        D: September 1993; Grand Rapids, Iowa

ID 63409 (Group I)
1. William Pearce born before 1655 probably England, died ca 1705 Herring Creek, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
The founding father of this particular Pearce line in America came from England (perhaps Wales) to Maryland in 1655.  He indentured himself to Captain Thomas Howell for seven years to pay for his transportation Maryland Patents, Liber Q. Folio 62 (1655). Occupation:  Tailor, at the end of his service in 1662 he received 100 acres of land, part of  "Pascall's Chance" (Maryland Rent Rolls, Liber #1, Folio 5A) Married: unknown; Daughter: Sarah (Pearce) Tipton, Wife of Johathan Tipton. Son: William Pearce (m) Elizabeth Anderson
2. William Pearce born ca 1685 "Pascall's Chance", Herring Creek, Anne Arundel Co., MD. died 9 Oct 1719 Pascall's Chance, Anne  Arundel Co., MD married: 5 Sep 1711 Herring Creek, Anne Arundel Co., MD., to Elizabeth Anderson born 15 Oct 1664, Herring Creek, Anne Arundel Co., MD., died, 1717, Anne Arundel Co., MD, daughter of John Anderson and Elizabeth Pratt. Children: William, John.
3. William Pearce, born Jan 1712, "Pascall's Chance", Herring Creek Hundred,  Anne Arundel County, Maryland, died 1783, Reckorville, Baltimore County, Maryland, married 3 Jun 1735, St. Paul's Parrish, Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD to Mary Crawford/Grawford, born, St Paul's Parish, King George County, Virginia, died Reckorville, Maryland, Children: 9 
4 Joseph Pearce, born 1752, "Molly's Industry", Towson, Baltimore County, Maryland. died, 9 Feb 1829, Clynmalira, Baltimore County, Maryland. married #1 bef 1779 Elizabeth Anderson, Born, ?  MLM lots 45/46, died ca 1779. married #2, 21 Aug 1761 St. James Parish, Monkton, Baltimore County, Maryland, to Comfort Rebecca WYLE/WILEY, born, Clynmalira, Baltimore County, Maryland, died, Clynmalira, Baltimore County, Maryland. Daughter of Luke Wiley/Wyle and Cassandra Carr.  Children:  6 
5. Greenbury Wyle/Wiley Pearce, born, 23 Jul 1800, Clynmalira, MD, died 25 Nov 1855, Near Savona, Darke County, Ohio, married, 3 Jan 1827, Baltimore Co., MD, to Sarah Curtis, born, 16 Sep 1803, Baltimore Co., MD., died 19 Jan 1878, Near Savona, Darke County, Ohio, daughter of William Curtis and Ann Sheppard. Children:  10 
6. Thomas Riley Pearce, born, 2 Oct 1838, Near Savona, Butler Twp., Darke County, Ohio, died, 21 Apr 1925, Near Savona, Butler Twp., Darke County, Ohio, married, 20 Sep 1860, Darke County, Ohio, to Susanna Coblentz, born 22 Apr 1843, died, 25 Apr 1911, Near Savona, Butler Twp., Darke County, Ohio, Daughter of George Coblentz JR, and Eva Fouts. Children: 10 
7.  Oliver Morton Pearce, born, 24 Aug 1863, near Savona, Butler Twp., Darke County, Ohio, died 15 Apr 1928, West Manchester, Preble County, Ohio, A Train /Auto Accident. Married, 7 Oct 1882, West Manchester, Preble County, Ohio, to Sarah Studybaker/Studebaker, born, 14 Aug 1857 Near West Manchester, Preble County, Ohio, died 26 Sep 1927, West Manchester, Preble  County, Ohio, daughter of  Joseph Studybaker and  Elizabeth Somers.   Children:  3 
8.  Joseph Ward Pearce, born 2 May 1883, Near Savona, Butler Twp., Darke County, Ohio, died  13 Oct 1952, Near Otterbein Church, Butler Twp., Darke County, Ohio, married #1:  24 Dec 1904,Arcanum, Darke County, Ohio, to Carrie Pearl Crawford, born 23 Feb 1884, Near Beach Grove, Darke County, Ohio, died 31 Jan 1915,  Near Savona, Butler Twp., Darke County, Ohio, daughter of William Crawford and Mary Rogers. Married #2:  30 Apr 1916, Savona, Butler Twp., Darke County, Ohio, to  Carrie  Florance Jordan, born 27 Dec 1888, Bath County, Virginia, died 9 Sep 1961,  New Madison, Darke County, Ohio. Daughter of John Harvey Jordan and Sarah  Margaret Brooks. #1 marriage   3 children - #2 marriage   6 children


ID 275961 (Group I)
1. Phillip Pierce (b. Kentucky - d. ?) married (unknown)

2. James Pierce (b. abt 1853 Indiana - d. unknown) married Sarah Coster (b. 1857 Missouri – d. unknown)
  Children:  James Franklin Pierce, Lee Pierce, Henry Rose Pierce, maybe others

3. James Franklin Pierce (b. 1876 Missouri  – d. 1935 Florida)
married Minnie Louisa Dunnivant (b. 1882 Arkansas – d. 1980 Florida)

4. Jesse Edgar Pierce (1903 – 1999)


ID 668440 (Group I)
1. William Pearce Sr. 1690-1719 Born and died in Ann Arundel, MD.
m. 5 Sept 1711 Elizabeth Anderson b. 1694 MD  d. ?

2. William Pearce Jr. b. 1713 Ann Arundel Co, MD  d. 1783 Recorville, Baltimore,
MD.  m. 3 June 1735 Mary Crawford b. 1716 King George, VA  d. 1770 Recorville,
Baltimore, MD

3. Philip Crawford Pearce  (sometimes misspelled as "Grafford")
b. 12 Feb 1744 Towson, MD
m. Rachel Wheeler 1761 MD  d. 1817 Orange Co, IN
1779  Served in Maryland militia in Revolutionary War
1790  Lived a few years in North Carolina before moving to Kentucky
1808 to before 1818. Settled in Shelby County, Kentucky
2nd wife: Catherine McCabe b. 1770  d. ?
Philip died August 1731. (will as proof)

4. Absalom Pearce b. 1773 Baltimore MD  d. 1853, Ohio County, KY
Married 3 times. Diademia Webb; Polly Casey; Ruth ? (My line comes from Polly)
Polly Casey aka Molly  b. 1799 Shelby Co, KY  d. 1838 Ann Arundel, MD
"Molly's Industry" land named after her.

5. Absalom Pearce Jr. b. 1820 Ohio County, KY  d. 1892 Webster County, KY
m. Sarah Hicks 1831-1920 KY

6. Daniel Ousley Pearce  b. 1873 Webster Co, KY  d. 1926  Henderson Co, KY
m. Frances Belle Pearce (2nd cousin) b. 1881 KY  d. 1947 Evansville, IN
(Frances was the daughter of Absalom Benjamin Pearce and Viana Mason of KY)
I have their pictures.

7. Merrill D. Pearce b. 1904 Henderson Co, KY  d. 1977  White Co, IL
m. Lillie Sue Clay b. 1904 TX  d. 1970 Henderson Co, KY

8. Charles Norman Pearce b. 1937 Evansville, IN  d. 2002 Evansville, IN
m. Nancy Lee Wells  b. 1937 CT  d. 2015 Hamilton Co, IL

ID 61556 (Group J)
1. John PEARCE (Abt 1632 - 1692) born in Wales or England. Died on Prudence Island, Newport County, Rhode Island. Married Mary (Last name unknown). Birth date and place of birth unknown.
Died on Prudence Island, Newport County.
2. Daniel PEARCE (Abt 1658 - 1731) born Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island. Died at North Kingston, Washington County, Rhode Island. Married Elizabeth Tuker (Tucker). Born
Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts . Died in Tolland, Tolland County, Connecticut.
3. Nathan PEARCE, Sr. (1705/06 - 1790) born Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island. Died at Pawling, Dutchess County, New York. Married Abigail Spink (Abt 1704 - 1791) Born in North Kingston, Washington County, Rhode Island .
4. Nathan PEARCE, Jr. (1740/41 - 1781) born on Prudence Island, Newport County, Rhode Island. Was Captain in Revolutionary War. Murdered. Buried in Johnston, Providence County, Rhode Island. Married Elizabeth Culver (Born about 1740 - 1832). Died in Otsego County, New York.
5. Daniel PEARCE (1769 - 1846) born in Pawling, Dutchess County, New York. Died in Randolph County, North Carolina. Married his first cousin, Anstis Pearce (1772 - 1844). Born in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. Both are probably buried in Chatham County, North Carolina.
6. Paris PEARCE (1801 - 1853) born in Pawling, Dutchess County, New York. Murdered in Albright Township, Chatham County, North Carolina. Buried in Chatham County, North Carolina. Married Rachel Kivet (1803 - 1853) born in Randolph County, North Carolina. Buried in Chatham County, North Carolina.
7. Alfred PEARCE (1829 - 1862) born in Albright Township, Chatham County, North Carolina. Confederate Soldier, Died in Civil War. Buried in Confederate Cemetery at Lynchburg, Lynchburg City, Virginia. Married Sarah Adeline Fox, born in Chatham County, North Carolina. Buried in Chatham County, North Carolina.
8. James Wesley PEARCE (1857 - 1926) born in Albright Township, Chatham County, North Carolina. Died in Chatham County, North Carolina. Married Emily Caroline Hinsahw (1855 - 1908) of Chatham County, North Carolina. Died in Chatham County, North Carolina.
9. William Wade PEARCE (1890 - 1965) born in Albright Township, Chatham County, North Carolina. Died in New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. Married Anna Diamond (1891 - 1984) born in Kingston, Ulster County, New York. Died in New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.

ID 122866 (Group J)
1.  Joseph Pierce (c.1757-1837) place of birth unknown, lived in Troy, Rensselaer, NY in  1800 and is buried in Charleston, Montgomery, NY.
2. William H. Pierce, 1798-1858, Charlton, Saratoga, NY.
3. Jay Russsell Pierce, b. 1845, Saratoga, NY, d. Eau Claire, WI.
4. Marshall Avery Pierce, b. 1893, Eau Claire, WI, d. Adams, WI.

ID Ancestry 6 (Group J)
1.  Earl Pierce born in Rhode Island, m. Irene who was born in Ma.

2.  Bennet Reuben Pierce born 10 Jul 1827 in N.Y. He died 10 Aug. 1863 in Harpers Ferry, W.V. He was in the Civil War.  m. Mary Ann Pettit b. 3 Jan 1833 NY. d. 10 sep 1913.
3.  Benjaman P. Pierce 3 May 1858 NY, d. 15 Aug 1923 Mackinaw City, MI, m. Evelyn Flora Johnson b. 7 Jun 1857 d. 9 Jun 1920.
4.  Rexford Pierce b. 17 Aug 1890 Elmira, MI d. 3 Mar 1957 m. Gladys Lillian Byram b. 25 Apr 1891 d. 25 Feb 1965 in Los Angeles, CA.
5.  Maurice Byram Pierce b. 9 Mar 1909 Petoskey MI d. 28 Jul 1996 Santa Barbara, CA, m. Ruby Loretta Hardy b. 28 Mar 1912 d. 16 Feb. 1991.


ID 596858 (Group J)
1. Isaac Pearce b. 1761 MA or RI; m. 1785 Newport, RI to Sarah Bliss.

2. Isaac Pearce b. 30 Jun 1788 Newport County; m. Thankful Stedman; d. 1868 Bennington, Wyoming, NY.

3. John Bliss Pearce b. 1805 Tyringham, Bershire, MA; m. Eliza Page bef. 1828.

4. George Merrill Pierce b.20 Jun 1849 Bennington, MA area; m. Jane E. Day aft. 1870; d. 1915.

5. Thomas Day Pierce b. Feb 1877 Orwell, Ashtabula, OH; m. 1917 Columbus, OH Marguerite Bargar; d. 1939
Indianapolis, IN.

6. Francis Asbury Pierce (later name change to John Sells Pierce) b. Aug 1918 Columbus, OH; m. 1943
Reba May Hiscock; died 2005.


ID 726704 (Group J)
1. John Pierce (Weaver) b. Abt. 1716 Rhode Island d. 30 Oct 1812 m. Rebecca _____
*John is "accepted" as the brother of Edward Pierce b. 1706 Exeter, Washington Co., RI d. 1778 but, could possibly be Edward's son.

2. Levi Pierce b. 17 Mar 1764 Rhode Island d. 02 Sept 1852 Fly Creek, Otsego Co., NY m. Lois Heath

3. Thomas Pierce b. 1802 New York (suspected to be 12 Jun 1802 Otsego, NY) d. 1875 Warsaw Twp., Jefferson Co., Pa. m. Louise "Lois" Benedict

4. Norman James Pierce b. 03 Oct 1837 Conesus, Livingston Co., NY d. 01 Nov 1905 Richardsville, Warsaw Twp., Jefferson Co., Pa. m. Elizabeth J. Long

5. Harry Raymond Pierce, Sr. b. 31 Jan 1888 Richardsville, Warsaw Twp., Jefferson Co., Pa. d. 05 Sept 1952 New Kensington, Westmoreland Co., Pa. m. Mary Susan Lavick

6. Leonard Russell Pierce, Sr. b. 29 Apr 1916 Lower Burrell Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa. d. 20 Sept 1992 Lower Burrell, Westmoreland Co., Pa. m. Marjorie Emma Mahaffey


ID 670530 (Group J)
1.  Samuel Pierce b. 17 Dec 1700 in Swansea, Bristol County, Mass.  He married
    Rebecca Budlong 26 Nov 1721.

2. Azrikim Pierce b. 27 Mary 1723 in Rehoboth, Briston County, Mass.  He married
   Bathsheba Millerd 6 Nov 1751 in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Mass.  He died Nov 1775.

3. Isaac Pierce b. about 1761.  He married Sarah Bliss 14 Mar 1785 in Newport, Newport
   County, Rhode Island.  He died 21 Nov 1788 in Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island.

4. Isaac Trumbel Pierce/Pearce b. 30 June 1788 in Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island.
   He married Thankful Stedman. He died 21 Nov 1868 in Bennington, Wyoming County, New York. 
   Tombstone inscription: "Aged 84 years, ??months, ??days".

5. Carey Trumbel Pierce b. 9 Nov. 1825 in Bennington, Wyoming County, New York. 
   He married 1st wife Mercy Warren. He married 2nd wife Marsella J. Marsh 7 Sept 1871
   in Grundy County, Illinois. He died 30 Jun 1896 in Verona, Grundy County, Illinois.

6. Charles Taylor Pierce b. 4 Mar 1975 in Dwight, Livingston Co., Illinois. 
   He Married Mary Lottie Wright 10 Jan 1900 in Livingston County, Illinois. 
   He died in 1964. He farmed in Fergus Falls, MN.

7. George Albert Pierce b. 1902 in Dwight, Livingston Co., Illinois. He removed to Oakes,
   ND and married Cecelia Lohmeier.  He died in 1967. They raised 3 children in Oakes, ND.

ID 794887 (Group J)
1. John Pierce (Weaver) b. Abt. 1716 Rhode Island d. 30 Oct 1812 m. Rebecca _____
*John is "accepted" as the brother of Edward Pierce b. 1706 Exeter, Washington Co., RI d. 1778 but, could possibly be Edward's son.

2. Levi Pierce b. 17 Mar 1764 Rhode Island d. 02 Sept 1852 Fly Creek, Otsego Co., NY m. Lois Heath

3. Thomas Pierce b. 1802 New York (suspected to be 12 Jun 1802 Otsego, NY) d. 1875 Warsaw Twp., Jefferson Co., Pa. m. Louise "Lois" Benedict

4. Norman James Pierce b. 03 Oct 1837 Conesus, Livingston Co., NY d. 01 Nov 1905 Richardsville, Warsaw Twp., Jefferson Co., Pa. m. Elizabeth J. Long

5. Harry Raymond Pierce, Sr. b. 31 Jan 1888 Richardsville, Warsaw Twp., Jefferson Co., Pa. d. 05 Sept 1952 New Kensington, Westmoreland Co., Pa. m. Mary Susan Lavick

6. Leonard Russell Pierce, Sr. b. 29 Apr 1916 Lower Burrell Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa. d. 20 Sept 1992 Lower Burrell, Westmoreland Co., Pa. m. Marjorie Emma Mahaffey


ID Sorenson 2 (Group K)
1. George Peirce (Pearce) b. 1659 Winscombe, Somersetshire, England.  m. Ann Gayner(Gainer) Jan 4, 1679, Quaker Meeting at Olvestone, Gloucestershire, England. d. Jan 19, 1733 East Marlborough Township, Chester County, Pa.
2. Caleb Peirce (Pearce) b. Dec 21, 1692 Thornbury Twp, Chester Co., Pa.  m.  Mary Walter April 15, 1724 Concord Friends Meeting, Concordsville, Delaware Co., Pa.  d. Jan 22, 1779 Thornbury Twp, Chester Co., Pa.
3. Caleb Peirce b. Oct 31, 1733 Thornbury, Chester Co., Pa.  m. Ann Mendenhall May 1, 1754 Concord Friends Meeting, Concordville, Delaware Co., Pa. d. Feb 23 1815 Thornbury, Chester Co., Pa.
4. Thomas Peirce b. Sept 5, 1770 Thornbury Twp, Chester Co., Pa.  m. Margaret Trimble Mar 19, 1794.  d. Nov 1, 1826 Thornbury Twp, Chester Co., Pa.
5. Robert Pierce b. April 11, 1797 Delaware Co., Pa.  m. Hannah Harvey Jan 23, 1821, Pa.  d. Mar 27, 1884 East Mill Creek, Salt Lake Co., Utah.
6. William Pierce b. April 2, 1833 Brandywine Township, Chester Co., Pa.  m. Jerusha Smith Dec 28, 1854, Utah.  d. Feb 7, 1908 Harper Ward, Box Elder Co., Utah.
7. Eli Thomas Peirce b. Jan 27, 1870 North Ward, Box Elder, Ut.  m. Annie Margrett Olsen Feb 14, 1890 Logan Temple, Logan, Cache Co., Ut.  d. July 22, 1929 Ogden, Weber Co., Ut.
8. Leonard Eli Peirce b. May 14, 1893 Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah. m.
Ruth McCarty Jun 20, 1917 Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah. d. Aug 7, 1973 Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah.


ID 111144 (Group K)

1. Dr. Harmon Pierce Sr. born 1786 in New Jersey.  He married Eleanor. He died 1861 in Connellsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA

2. James Pierce born 1814 in Pennsylvania, USA.  He married Sarah B Trump 1836. He died sometime after 1860, probably in Nebraska.

3. John W. Pierce born 1843 in Connellsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA. He married Martha Edith Mecum in 1972.  He died 1912 in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, USA.

4. John Albert Pierce born 7 Sept 1871 in Burlington Junction, Nodaway, Missouri, USA.  He married Sammie C. Close.  He died 30 Nov 1935 in Artesia, Eddy Co., New Mexico.

5. Walter Wesley Pierce born 14 Nov 1902 in Jackson Co., Oklahoma.  He married Earmel Walsie Melton 28 Jan 1925 in Stone Co., Missouri.  He died 10 Oct. 1981 in Joplin, Jasper Co., Missouri.

6. James Carlisle Pierce was born on 27 Dec 1925 in Cardin, Ottawa County, Oklahoma. He married Carolyn Reese Rackley. They were married on 29 Dec 1951 in Chesterfield, SC. He died on 16 Jul 2007 in Montgomery, Hamilton County, Ohio.


ID N17445 (Group K)
1. George Pearce b. 1607 in Somerset, England
2. George Peirce  b. 1633 in Somerset, England d. 1692 in England; married 1650 to Margaret Synam b. 1635 Somerset, England d.  in Thornbury, Chester, Penn. 
 three children:
George Peirce b. 1659 Winscombe, Somerset, England
Maurice Peirce born in Olveston, England
Margaret Peirce born in Olveston
3. George Peirce  b. 1659 in Winscombe, Somerset, England; He died on 19 Jan., 1733 in East Marlborough, Chester, Penn; married on 04 Jan., 1679 in Meeting Gloucestershire England. to Ann Gainer b. 1663 in Oldbury on Sever, Thornbury, Gloucestershire England; she died 1725 in Thornbury, Chester, Penn.
George and Ann had 11 children:
Betty b. 18 Sept., 1680 in Gloucestershire, England; died 27 Dec., 1757 Wilmington, Delaware
George Pierce b. 23 April 1682 in Gloucestershire, England; d. 1690
Joshua Pierce   b. 05  March, 1684 in Somerset England;  married Ann Mercer 28 Aug., 1713 Thornbury, Chester PA; died 15 Sept., 1752 in Kennett, Chester, PA.
Margaret Pierce b. 11 April , 1689 Thornbury, Chester, PA; d. 1689
Hannah Pierce b. 8 March, 1686 Thornbury, Chester, PA; d. 1689
Gainer Pearce b. 1 Feb., 1695 in Thornbury, Chester, PA; married Sarah Walter 26 Sept., 1719 in Chester, Chester, PA; Gainer died 1746
Mary Peirce b. 25 Dec., 1690 in Thornbury, Chester PA; d. 12 Sept., 1711 in Birmingham, Chester, PA
Caleb Pierce b. 21 Dec., 1692 Thornbury, Chester, PA; married Hannah Cloud 19 May, 1716 in Chichester Meeting, Chester, PA; died 22 Jan., 1779 Thornbury, Chester, PA
Ann Gainer Pierce b.  8 March, 1686 Thornbury, Chester, PA; died 1753 East Cain, Chester, PA
John Gainer Pierce b. 15 Feb.,1704 in Thornbury, Chester PA; died 1720.
4. Joshua Pierce  b. 05 March, 1684 in Somerset, England . He died on 15 Sept., 1752 in Kennett, Chester, Penn ; married Ann Mercer 28 Aug., 1713 in Thornbury, Chester Penn.
Children: George b. 05 July, 1714 in Kennett Chester, Penn d. 02 Oct., 1775 in Newlin Township, Chester, Penn. ;  Mary Pierce b. 3 Mar 1717 in Kennett, Chester, Penn d. 18 Oct 1793 in E. Marlborough, Chester Penn.
Joshua  Pierce later married Rachel Gilpin 15 Nov. 1722 in Chester, Penn. They had 4 children.
5. George Pierce b. 5 July, 1714 Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania; d. 02 Oct., 1775  in Newlin Township, Chester, Penn.; Married  21 May, 1740 Kennett Mm, Chester Penn. to Lydia Roberts b. 25 June, 1721 in Kennett, Chester, Penn;  d. 21 May, 1757.
Children:  Robert Pierce b. 1753 Delaware, Penn; married Hannah Lowrethe Thornberg on 25 Nov., 1801. Robert died 1812 in Jefferson, Tenn.; Thomas P. Pierce b. 30 Aug., 1754 in Chester Penn; married Hepzabeth Macy on 31 Aug., 1775 in Garden City, Guilford, NC; He died 100 in New Garden Mm, Guilfornd, NC;  David Pierce b. 8 Apr., 1756; married Mary Bellon 24 Apr., 1799; he died 28 Oct., 1833 in Poplar Camp, Wythe, Virginia; Caleb Pierce b. 12 Jul., 1752 in Chester, Penn; married Hanah Marshall 17 Dec., 1776; he died 27 Jan., 1789; Jesse Pierce b. 1749; Hannah Pierce b. 1745.
6. Thomas P. Pierce/Peirce Sr. b. 30 August, 1754, Chester Co. Penn; d. 1800, New Garden Mm, Guilford, North Carolina;  married  30 Aug., 1775 to  Hepzibah Macy  b. 11 June, 1751 Nantucket, Mass.; d. 1824 Wayne Co., IN.
Children: Geroge M. Pierce b. 11 Aug., 1776; d. 10 Nov, 1854 VA; Mary Pierce b. 09 Oct., 1777 ; Hanna b. 20 Aug, 1779, Guilford Co. NC;   d. 28 Aug., 1779 Guilford Co., NC; Moses Arthur b. 20 July, 1780, Guilford Co., NC; d. 20 May, 1857, Smyth Co. VA; Aaron b. 09 Oct, 1782, Guilford Co. NC; d. 1826 St.Clair Alabama who married Mary Anderson 07 Feb., 1805 at Washington Co., VA;  Isaac Pierce b. 25 March, 1785, Guilford Co., NC; d. 23 April 1863, Hagerstown, Wayne Co., IN; m. Elizabeth Anderson in Washington Co., VA;  Ezra Pierce b. 25 March 1787, Guilford Co., NC; d. 22 July, 1860, New London, Howard Co., IN; m. Rachel Robinson, ~ 1818;  Thomas P. Pierce, b. 07 Jan., 1790, Guilford Co. NC; d. 07 Dec., 1859, Green Co., Tn; married Mary Polly Stuart on 28 Dec., 1811, Jefferson, Tn;  Hannah b. 01 June, 1792, Guilford Co., NC; d. 14 Dec., 1864, Henry Co. In. (named for sister Hannah who died as a baby). 
Note: Thomas P. Pierce was of Quaker faith.   Hepzabah Pierce and children were received on certificate to Lost Creek monthly meeting, Jefferson Co.,  Tn on 23 July, 1808. *
* This information came from  Descendants of Edward Starbuck 1604 to Carolyn M. Harden 1963
7. Isaac Pierce b. 25 March, 1785  VA; d. 23 April, 1863 Hagerstown, Wayne Co., IN; m. Elizabeth Anderson b. 5 June, 1782 VA;
Children: Thomas who married Nancy Hursh and moved to Missouri; Andrew who married Fanny Brown in Henry Co., IN; Sarah who married Nehemiah Cheeseman and lived near Hagerstown; Henry who married Mary Mendenhall and lived in Iowa; Ezra who married Sarah T. Cheeseman and died in Kansas; Isaac A who Married Fanny Pollard and lived near Hagerstown.
Note: Isaac appears in the History of Wayne County p. 288 ( History of Wayne County, Indiana, from Its First Settlement to the Present ...By Andrew White Young)
8. Andrew Pierce b. 22 Feb, 1812 Green Co., TN; d. 26 Jan, 1908 Blountsville, IN; married 1834 Wayne Co. to Fanny Brown b. 1813, Ohio d. 1863 ;
Children: Isaac W. Pierce b. 1835; Thomas A.; b. 1839; Sarah E. b.1842; James H. b. 1845; Nehemiah b. 1848
Note: Obituary for Andrew Pierce appears in Christian Conservator Obituaries Feb. 12, 1908.
9. Isaac W. Pierce b. about 1835 Henry Co., IN death date unknown;  married on 17 March, 1855 in Henry Co. Indiana to Nancy Rice b. about 1837;
Children: Amos Andrew ~1859; Amanda~1861; Martha~1864; Milton~1869
(spelled Purse in 1870 census Stoney Creek, Henry Co. IN)
10. Amos Andrew Pierce b. 24 July, 1859 Wayne Co., IN;  d. 9 Aug., 1913 Delaware Co., (Meeks Mortuary records) ;  married about 1893 Alice Rosetta Parkinson b.11 Oct., 1876 Delaware Co., IN; d. 13 Dec, 1932 Randolph Co., IN;
Children were: Esther Pauline Pierce b. 26 July, 1909; d. 3 Oct., 1974; Henry Isaac Pierce b. 5 July, 1912; d. 3 May, 1978
Note: Alice remarried John Thompson after Amos' death.  Family possess legal documents dated 1923 from Randolph Co. Circuit Court, Indiana  which show Henry & Pauline inheriting from Isaac W. Pierce and from James H. Pierce, Administrator of the estate of Sarah Heath. 
11. Henry Isaac Pierce b. 5 July, 1912 Delaware Co., IN; d. 3 May, 1978 San Luis Obispo Co., CA; married 5 Aug, 1938  at Fairhaven, Ohio to  Naomi Faye Comer b. 20 Dec., 1912 Winchester, IN;  d. 20 Aug., 1990.


ID 127460 (Group K)
1.  James Pearce? 1829-1887 Tenn. m.  Elisabeth Toler? 1839-1905 S.  Carolina
2.  William S. Pearce 1876-1952 Missouri/ Texas m. Mattio A Seymore 1884-1965 Texas         
3.  James G. Pearce  1908-1992 Missouri/ Calif m. Maxine Van Duzer  1910-1945 California, Eureka 


ID N68842 (Group K)
1.  Richard George Pierce, Pearce, Peirce was born Bet. 1633 - 1637 in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England and died 1692 in Olivestone, Gloucestershire, England.  He married Margaret Synam Bet. April 10, 1641 - 1650 in Brosley, Shropshire, England. 
2.  George Pierce, Pearce, Peirce  was born 1659 in Winscombe, Somerset, England and died Bet. January 19, 1732/33 - July 19, 1734 in East Marlborough, Chester, Pennsylvania.  He married Ann Gayner, Gainer, Gainor January 04, 1678/79 in Meeting at Oglestone, Gloucestershire, England.
3.  Joshua Pierce, Peirce  was born March 05, 1683/84 in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England and died September 15, 1752 in Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania.  He married Rachael Glover Gilpin September 15, 1722 in Concord MM, Chester, Pennsylvania.
4.  Isaac Pierce, Peirce was born August 23, 1731 in East Marlborough, Chester, Pennsylvania and died 1813.  He married Hannah Sellers June 19, 1759 in Chester County, Pennsylvania on a NJ marriage license.
5.  Jonathan Pierce, Peirce  was born November 30, 1768 in Kennett MM, Chester, Pennsylvania, and died November 02, 1835.  He married Rachel Taylor May 16, 1793 in West Marlboro, Chester, Pennsylvania.
6.  Joseph Pierce, Peirce  was born June 13, 1809 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and died June 16, 1848 in Oak Hill, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He married Prudence Blackburn December 31, 1835 in Little Brittan Township, Lacaster, Pennsylvania.
7.  Joseph Hiram Pierce, Peirce  was born May 22, 1848 in Little Brittain, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and died July 22, 1925 in Quincy, Adams, Illinois.  He married Elizabeth Hollinger July 27, 1873 in Dauphine County, Pennsylvania.
8.  Hiram Herman Pierce  was born February 07, 1876 in Campbell Town, Lebanon, Pennsylvania and died August 24, 1968 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa.  He married Katherine Dorthea Klaus November 03, 1898 in Middletown, Des Moines, Iowa.
9.  Edward Joseph Pierce  was born March 29, 1915 in Hinton, Plymouth, Iowa and died September 12, 2006 in Las Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico.  He married Margaret Leona Davis March 19, 1934 in Vermillion, Clay, So. Dakota.


ID 76929 (Group L)
1. Daniel Peirce, b. 1611; m. in England Sarah ___. m. 2nd, Dec. 26, 1654, Ann Millward.  He d. Nov. 27, 1677.  The founder of the Peirce family of Newbury, Mass, came from Ipswich, Suffolk County, England, in the ship, Elizabeth, in 1634. He first settled in Watertown, Mass., and moved to Newbury in 1638.
2. Col. Daniel Peirce, b. May 15, 1642; m. Dec. 5, 1660, Elizabeth Millward. He died April 22, 1704.
3. Benjamin Peirce, b. Feb. 20, 1668; m. Lydia ___. He died May 19, 1771.
They resided in Newbury, Mass.
4. Humphrey Peirce, b. Mar. 23, 1705; m. ___. Res. near Plum Island.
5. Humphrey Peirce, b. 1733; m. 1773, Hannah Ring. He died Oct. 30, 1822.  They resided in W. Newbury, Mass., and in S. Hampton, N.H.
6. Moses Peirce, b. Sept. 3, 1777; m. 1798, Nancy Lovering.  He died Sept. 19, 1849. Res. Southampton, N.H.
7. Charles Peirce, b. Aug. 8, 1801; m. 1825, Hepsabeth Lord.  He married 2nd,
Nancy Pierce.  He died Feb. 4, 1861.  Res. Alton, Il.
8. Charles C. Pierce, b. Oct. 9, 1827; m. Jan. 20, 1869, Martha T. Watson.
Res. Somerville, Mass.
9. Frederick Watson Pierce, b. Oct. 31, 1869, d. in Arlington, MA on
April 5, 1950.  He married on Oct. 18, 1899, Rosalie Mabel Greenwood,
daughter of Frank Winslow Greenwood and Ella Frances Houston.  By
Rosalie, he had three children:
10. Frederick Watson Pierce, Jr. b. August 21, 1900 in
Somerville, MA., d. December 10, 1949 in Augusta, ME of a heart attack.
He married on April 25, 1931, Elizabeth Hilda Norton, daughter of Samuel
Shepard Norton and Alice Philenia Mitchell, and a descendant of Pilgrims
Stephen Hopkins, George Soule, John Howland, James Chilton, and Thomas Rogers.
         Two other sons of Frederick Watson Pierce:
    Charles Pierce, b. August 21,1900 in Somerville, MA, d. July
    7, 1965 in Myrtle Creek, OR.  Charles was a Rear Admiral in the U.S.
    Coast Guard.  He married Marion Black who d. 1999.
    Winslow Huston Pierce, b. Dec. 17, 1901, d. June 3, 1987 in
    Arlington, MA.  He married on November 23, 1946 Lena Mae Barry, who died
    Feb. 10, 1994.  By Lena, he had a daughter, Ann Rosalie Pierce, b. Sept.
    22, 1947 and died July 2, 1968 in Arlington, MA.


ID 218651 (Group L)
Oldest ancestor: Daniel Pierce born 1611 in Ipswich, Suffolk County, England.
Pedigree not provided.


ID 78742 (Group M)
1. Richard Percy, date and place of birth unknown, married the widow, Thankful Canfield on Dec 28, 1708 in Hatfield, MA. The marriage is also recorded in Northampton, MA where his name is given as Richard Pearce. Richard died Mar 19, 1742/43 in Westfield, MA
2. Sylvanus Percy, Sr. b: Jan 06, 1717/18 in Westfield, MA d: Aft. May 05, 1773 in or near Great Barrington, MA. Sylvanus married Abigail Durein Feb 24, 1740/41 in Westfield, MA
3. Sylvanus Percy, Jr. b: Dec 17, 1743 in Westfield, MA d: 1798 in Highgate, VT He married Lucy WILLIAMS abt Oct 1763 in Pittsfield, MA
4. Salmon Percy b: Jul 01, 1773 in or near Columbia County, NY d: Jul 01, 1835 in Highgate, VT Salmon married Anna McClure b: 1779 in New York. Anna died: Oct 02, 1847 in Highgate, VT
5. John Percy b: Aug 09, 1801 in Highgate, VT d: Oct 07, 1885 in Highgate, VT John m. Sally A. Russell b: May 07, 1802 in New Hampshire ca.1820. Sally d: Nov 07, 1881 in Highgate, VT
6. George D. Percy b: Jun 08, 1840 in Highgate, VT d: Sep 27, 1900 in Newport Center,VT
He married abt 1867 Electa Crawford. Electa d: Feb 14, 1912 in Concord, NH
7. Ellery D. Percy b: Jan 10, 1869 in Newport Center,VT d: Jan 06, 1918 in Derby Line, VT Ellery married Rosetta May Clapper on Sep 02, 1886 in Newport, VT
8. Rufus Ellery Percy b: Apr 10, 1890 in Newport Center, VT d: Mar 03, 1956 in Newport, VT

ID 90141 (Group M)
1. Richard Percy b. between 1681 and 1690, place unknown.  m. Thankful
Canfield.  He died March 19, 1743 in Westfield, Ma.
2. Sylvanus Percy Sr. b. Jan 6, 1718 in Westfield, Ma. m. Abigail Dirven.  He
died after May 5, 1773 at or near Great Barrington, Ma.
3. Sylvanus Percy Jr. b. Dec. 17, 1743 in Westfield, Ma. m. Lucy Williams.
d. Bet. Sept. and Dec. 1798 in Highgate, Vt.
4. Salmon Percy b. abt. July 1, 1773 in or near Hoosick, NY.   m. Anna McClure
He died July 1, 1835 in Highgate, Vt.
5. John Percy b. after Aug. 9, 1801 in Highgate, Vt.  m. Sally A. Russell.  He died Oct. 7, 1885 in Highgate Vt.
6. George D. Percy b. June 8, 1840 in Highgate, Vermont.  m. Electa Crawford  about 1867. He died Sept. 27, 1900 in Newport Center, Vt.
7. Elton John Percy b. Sept. 28, 1870 in Newport Center, Vt.  m. Ida May Ramsdell on May 22, 1891 in Newport Center Vt.  He died July 28, 1922 in Newport Center, Vt.
8. Elton George Percy b. April 1, 1901 in Newport Center, Vt.  m. Lucy Leona
Petit Oct. 2, 1922 in Conventry Vt.  He died Jan 28, 1976 in Stowe, Vt.

ID 95096 (Group M)
I am a descendent of Capt. John Percey (Percy).  He was born in 1749 and died on Oct. 14, 1805 in Hoosick, New York. He married  first Hannah and second Mary "Molly".
His children with Hannah were Lydia, Joseph, Abigail,
David, James, Daniel, John A. and Mary. His children with Mary were
Suzannah and Earl. 

(I descend from Capt. John Percey's son John A. Percey)

ID 97922 (Group M)
1. Capt. John Percey born in 1749 and died on Oct. 14, 1805 in Hoosick, N.Y.
2. James Percey born in Hoosick, N.Y. on Sept. 13, 1789 and died on April 16,  1859 in Hoosick, N.Y.
3. Elon Percey born June 18, 1830 in East Hoosick, N.Y. and died in Hoosick  Falls, N.Y. on November 14, 1898.
4. Morgan F (no period) or "Frank" Percey who was born in Hoosick Falls, N.Y.  on Oct. 23, 1856 and died there Oct. 4, 1914.
5. James Earle Percy b. June 16, 1887 in Hoosick Falls, N.Y. and died there  on Nov. 22, 1956. He changed the spelling to "Percy".
6. John Turner Percy b. March 11, 1919 in Hoosick Falls, N. Y. and died on  Oct. 10, 1998 and would have died in Bennington but he was visiting his  daughter.

ID 82501 (Group N)
1. Benjamin (Pearce) PIERCE, born 9-14-1810 prob. New Jersey.  They lived in
the Tom's River area before moving to Indiana.  He died 5-30-1905, Iowa
Falls, Hardin Co, Iowa.  Married Lydia Ann EVERINGHAM,  born 9-19-1817 New
Jersey, died 7-18-1900, Iowa Falls, Hardin Co., Iowa.

2. William Boswell PIERCE, born 4-9-1842 (could be 7th) New Jersey, died
10-9-1918, Iowa Falls, Hardin Co, Iowa.  Married Sarah TEAGLE  3-15-1865,
Winchester, Randolph Co, Indiana.  She was born 7-9-1843 White River Twp,
Randolph Co, Indiana, died 11-11-1912, Iowa Falls, Hardin Co, Iowa.

3. Benjamin Elmer PIERCE, born 1-12-1867, Lena, Stephenson Co, Illinois, died
7-9-1929, Scottsbluff, Scottsbluff Co, Nebraska.  Married Lillian Delia
CRONK on 3-23-1887, Eldora, Hardin Co, Iowa.  She was born 12-4-1872
Hardin Co, Iowa, died November 28, 1938, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County,

4. Bert L. PIERCE, born 2-20-1890, Fort Collins, Larimer Co, Colorado, died
2-8-1980, Turlock, Stanislaus Co, California.  He married Lillian Frances
PHELPS on 9-3-1927, Provo, Utah Co, Utah.  She was  born 9-17-1898
Terrace, Box Elder Co, Utah, died 3-13-1985, Turlock, Stanislaus Co,

ID 115687 (Group N)
1. John Pierce born Westfield, MA 12 March 1779 (son of John and Easther)
John lived for some time in Gloucester, MA and bought a house in North 
Yarmouth, ME (then part MA) in 1795

2. John Pierce, and Sarah Mitchell married 26 Aug 1798 North Yarmouth, ME. their son:
Israel born North Yarmouth, ME 2 Nov 1800 (died 1880)

3. Israel Pierce and Susan Day married 5 Aug 1827 North Yarmouth, ME. their son:
John F. Pierce born ME 1836 (died 1890)

4. John F Pierce and Sarah E Hatch married 15 Sept 1855, Wells, ME. their son:
John F. Pierce born Wells, ME 4 Dec 1856 (?) (died 1884) (?)

5. John F Pierce and Carrie E. Hull married 1 Jan 1880 Rochester, NH. their son:
Walter R. Pierce born 8 Mar 1882, Rochester NH (died 1964)

6. Walter R Pierce and Mary Abbie Harriman married 7 Feb 1914, Haverhill, MA. their
Carrie E. (1918-1977)
John R. (1920-1968)
Francis E. (1925-1996)
Sidney A. (1928-1983)
Kenneth M. (1934-2004)

ID 131404 (Group N)
1. Daniel T. Pierce was born in Dutchess County, New York in 1742 or 1745.  He married Mehitable Carver in 1768.  Daniel died 20 April 1812 at 69 years of age.
His body was interred 21 April 1812 in Pauling, New York.

2. Timothy R. Pierce was born in Pauling, Dutchess County, New York 8 February 1775.  He married Katie MacDonald before 1795.  Timothy died 30 April 1839 in Putnam County, New York, at 64 years of age.  His body was interred 1 May 1839 in Putnam County, New York, Carver Yard.

3. Daniel Pierce II was born in Dutchess County, New York 1795. Daniel died about 1873 in Hamden, New York.  He married Mary Reynolds in Dutchess County, New York, 1821.  His body was interred after 1873 in Hamden, New York, Walton, New York.

4. Marcus Pierce  was born 11 May 1839 in Andes, Delaware County, New York.  He married Adelaide Cramer 18 May 1865.  He died 22 April 1893. He is buried in Good Thunder Cemetery in Blue Earth Co. Minnesota.

5. Lewis Grant Pierce was born 9 Aug 1868 in Delaware County, New York.  He married Bertha Moore on 23 Dec. 1891 in Blue Earth County, Minnesota.  He died 26 April 1940 in Blue Earth County, Minnesota.  He is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Beauford, Blue Earth County, Minnesota.

6. Lewis Herbert Pierce was born 28 Nov 1906 in Beauford, Blue Earth Co. Minnesota.  He married Rose Furst in 1932.  He died 29 Dec 1951 in Mankato, Blue Earth County, Minnesota.  He is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Beauford, Blue Earth Co., Minnesota.

ID 148318 (Group N)
1. John A. Pierce Born 11 Aug 1797. Married Phoebe Sweet on 24 Jan 1820 in Cortland, New York. Died  Mar 1840, Cortland, New York.

2. Edward Leroy Pierce Born 14 Jan 1824, Cortland, New York. Married Romelia Peet on 25 Nov 1849 in Linn  Co., Iowa. Died Feb 1865 in Iowa.

3. Charles Herbert Pierce Born 10 Nov 1856, Viola, Linn Co., Iowa. Married Anna Laura Henrietta Myers on 15 July  1883 in Hamlin, Brown Co., Kansas. Died 26 Feb 1925, Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon.

4. Louis Bryan Pierce Born 4 Nov 1896, Hiawatha, Brown Co., Kansas. Married Marian Esther Palmer on 1 Jan  1918 in Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon. Married Eudora Sparks (Smith) about 1946 in  Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon. Died 3 Aug 1988 in Oregon.


ID 393419 (Group N)
1.  William Pearce b. 1735 in Boston or Roxbury, Mass.
m. Mary Martha Green, 11 July 1755 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.,
New Jersey.  d. 06 Oct 1799 in New Jersey.

2.  Samuel Pearce b. 15 Jan 1755 in Monmouth Co., New Jersey. 
m. Sarah Andrews 1775 in Burlington Co., New Jersey.
d. 02 July 1833 in Fleming Co., Kentucky.

3.  William Pearce b. 29 Jan 1784 in Brick, Ocean Co.,
New Jersey. m. Mary Bridges 02 May 1818 in Fleming Co., Kentucky.
d. 29 Jun 1833 in Fleming Co., Kentucky.

4.  Elias Bruce Pearce b. 1818 in Poplar Plains, Fleming Co.,
Kentucky. m. Elizabeth S. Cochran 28 May 1840 in Fleming Co.,
Kentucky. d. 1859 in Elizaville, Fleming Co., Kentucky.

5.  Charles Burgess Pearce b. 08 Mar 1845 in Poplar Plains,
Fleming Co., Kentucky.  m. Judith Lowry, 1867  d. 26 Nov 1910 in
Maysville, Kentucky.

6.  Charles Tabb Pearce b 24 Jan 1871 in Maysville, Kentucky.
m. 26 Jun 1912 in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. d. 21 Sep 1953 in
Cincinnati, Ohio.


ID 496051 (Group N)
1. John Pearce m. Elizabeth Dove 18 Jun 1803, St. Sepulchre, Holborn, City of London by banns with Henry Pearce and Sarah Dove as witnesses.  Sons were Henry, William, and John.

John ran a carting business in Whitechapel and his sons Henry and William assisted him before they were transported to Tasmania, Australia in 1828 and 1829. John & Elizabeth Pearce were both alive in 1829 as they tendered a plea for their son William at his trial.

2. Henry Pearce b. 5 Apr 1810 bp 3 Jun 1810, St. Katherine by the Tower (this birthdate shown on baptism record and also in family bible (although 1813 was given there but we are 99% sure 1810 is correct and he gave a younger age to get a better sentence at the Old Bailey). He was transported to Tasmania, Australia. Henry Pearce died in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, on 18 Jan 1901 and his brother William Pearce died at Deloraine, Tasmania on 3 Nov 1869.


ID 663050 (Group N)
1. Benjamin Pierce b. 9/14/1810 probably Monmouth County NJ, d. 5/30/1905 Iowa Falls, IA. Married Jan 18, 1835 Monmouth County, NJ to Lydia Everingham b. 9/20/1817 Monmouth County, NJ, d. 7/19/1900 Iowa Falls, IA.

2. David Jackson Pierce b. 5/16/1844 Toms River, NJ d. 1/2/1882 Iowa Falls, IA. Married Feb 18, 1866 Wayne County, Indiana to Sarah Johnson b. 4/23/1843 Fountain City, Indiana, d. 4/18/1909 Iowa Falls, IA.

3. Oscar L. Pierce b. 1/23/1867 West Point, Illinois, d. 11/4/1923 Iowa Falls, IA. Married abt 1888 in Iowa to Etta Mary Harris b. Feb 1867 Hardin County, Iowa, d. 7/18/1963

4. Carl Alvin Pierce b. 1/21/1890 Iowa Falls, IA d. Nov. 10 1950 Seattle, WA. Married March 4 1910 to Ethel Myrtle Draper b. 7/20/1892 Hancock, IA, d. 12/7/1960 Seattle, WA. Ethel’s burial = Benson Cemetery, Whitten, Iowa.

5. Wilbur Dale Pierce b. 11/15/1918 Tracy, Minnesota d. 3/27/1985 Toms River, NJ.  Married January 7 1946 to Sarah Jane Monahan b. 7/31/1924 Manchester, NJ d. 5/29/1993 Toms River, NJ.


ID B183803 (Group N)
1. Benjamin Pierce b. 9/14/1810 probably Monmouth County NJ, d. 5/30/1905 Iowa Falls, IA. Married Jan 18, 1835 Monmouth County, NJ to Lydia Everingham b. 9/20/1817 Monmouth County, NJ, d. 7/19/1900 Iowa Falls, IA.

2. David Jackson Pierce b. 5/16/1844 Toms River, NJ d. 1/2/1882 Iowa Falls, IA. Married Feb 18, 1866 Wayne County, Indiana to Sarah Johnson b. 4/23/1843 Fountain City, Indiana, d. 4/18/1909 Iowa Falls, IA.

3. Oscar L. Pierce b. 1/23/1867 West Point, Illinois, d. 11/4/1923 Iowa Falls, IA. Married abt 1888 in Iowa to Etta Mary Harris b. Feb 1867 Hardin County, Iowa, d. 7/18/1963

4. Carl Alvin Pierce b. 1/21/1890 Iowa Falls, IA d. Nov. 10 1950 Seattle, WA. Married March 4 1910 to Ethel Myrtle Draper b. 7/20/1892 Hancock, IA, d. 12/7/1960 Seattle, WA. Ethel’s burial = Benson Cemetery, Whitten, Iowa.

5. Wilbur Dale Pierce b. 11/15/1918 Tracy, Minnesota d. 3/27/1985 Toms River, NJ.  Married January 7 1946 to Sarah Jane Monahan b. 7/31/1924 Manchester, NJ d. 5/29/1993 Toms River, NJ.


ID 754033 (Group N)
1. Samuel Pierce Jr. b abt 1791 appeared in Truxton, Cortland County, NY around 1805. While there are many other Pierces who settled there around that time, we have not been able to connect. According to census records, he was born in Massachusetts. He d 30 Jan 1857, Truxton, Cortland County, NY. (We have not been able to find any burial info.) Samuel m Maria Colegrove in Truxton. She was b Sept 1808 RI and d 24 Apr 1886 Truxton, Cortland County, NY, bur Truxton, Cortland County, NY. They had 6 Children, all b Truxton, Cortland County, NY.

2. Samuel Spencer Pierce b 14 Oct 1842 d. 22 Nov 1913, McGraw, Cortland County, NY. He m Ella Sophronia Baker 1 Jun. 1873 McGraw, Cortland County, NY. Ella was b Mar 1853, McGraw, Cortland County, NY. d. 30 Aug 1933, McGraw, Cortland County, NY. Both bur McGraw, Cortland County, NY.
Samuel was the only one of the 6 children to carry forth the Pierce name, with the birth of one child.

3. John VanOrsdale Pierce b Sept 1883 Truxton, Cortland County, NY d 5 Oct. 1963 Groton, Tompkins County, NY. He m Ethel Maude Loomis 19 Oct 1910 McGraw, Cortland County, NY. Ethel was b 18 Oct 1892 and d 6 Jun 1951, Groton, Tompkins County, NY. They are both bur. Groton, Tompkins County, NY. They had three sons and one daughter.

4. Keith VanOrsdale Pierce b 8 Aug 1931 Groton, Tompkins County, NY and d 16 Jun 1992 Groton, Tompkins County, NY. Keith m Alice Marie Lockwood 29 July 1951 NY. She was b 25 Mar 1931 Cincinnatus, NY and d 29 Aug 2014. Both bur Groton, Tompkins County, NY. They had 5 sons and two daughters.


ID MK62967 (Group N)
1. Charles E Pierce
Birth: Oct 20 1804 - New Hampshire, USA
Death: Sep 6 1882 - Winnebago, Winnebago, Wisconsin, USA
Wife: Sarah Strong Leslie

2. Harvey Judah Pierce
Birth: Jan 6 1844 - Essex, Essex, New York, United States
Death: Apr 21 1916 - Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo, Iowa, United States
Wife: Clarissa Elizabeth Bliss

3. Ora J Pierce, SR
Birth: Jan 23 1880 - Ventura, Cerro Gordo, Iowa, USA
Death: June 21 1962 - Mason City, Cerro Gordo, Iowa, USA
Wife: Bertha Irene Bemis

4. Ora J Pierce, JR
Birth: Oct 23 1918 - Paynesville, Minnesota
Death: Nov 22 2008 - Glen Allen, Hanover, Virginia, USA
Wife: Verna Florence Knudson

ID 96648 (Group O)
Oldest known ancestor:
William Pryce Pearce
b. 25 Jul 1809 London, England
d. 11 Apr 1893 Brooklyn, New York

ID 98641 (Group P)
1. Joseph M. Pierce, b. ca 1837 in New York, d. 5 dec 1926, Madison County, Montana.  Joseph married Samantha Morgan b. ca May 1850 in Lyndon, VT.

2. Willis Henry Pierce, b. 28 Jun 1873, in Minnesota. d. 5 Sept 1957, Los Angeles, CA.

ID 115724  (Group Q)
1. Lewis Pierce b. 1767 Pennsylvania d. Oct 1845 Ohio m. Cassandra Penic (sp ?) Sept 1793 (They had 3 children but Cassandra may have died after the second and Lewis remarried because there is 12 years between the second and third child.)

2. Jonathan Pierce (Found Census 1860) b. 1794 Allegheny, Pennsylvania d.? m. Maria Bell b. July 5, 1801 - d. 
They had 9 children at the time of the federal census.

3. John Pierce b. 1838 Monongahela, Westmorland, PA d. ? m. Nancy (last name unknown) b. abt 1842
Monongahela, Westmorland, PA (they had 7 children, John being the youngest on the 1880 United States Federal Cesus. They lived in Forward, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.)

4. John S Pierce b. August 2, 1879 Monongahela, Washington, PA d. July 4, 1945 Denver, CO m. Jessie Pearl Sibbitt( Jessie's nic name was "Sudie" her parents Lewis Sibbitt & Alice Craich) b. Sept 2, 1879
Coal Center, PA d. April 1, 1940  Denver, Colo. (They had four children 3 girls and a boy. Their movements as a family were easily traced via the newspapers articles and census records. John moved to Colorado due to his health.)

5. John Shugart Pierce (Certificate of Death) b. May 26, 1912 Pennsylvania d. June 26, 1972 Denver, Colorado m. Francis Weymouth Brewer b. August 2, 1911 Hampton Virgina d. April 17, 1994
Holland - lived with my uncle who was stationed over seas (They had 2 children, Lelia Francis Pierce b. 1934 d. 2004  and Living.)


ID 721345 (Group Q)
1. Joseph Pearce married Annetje Miller in New York City 9 July 1743. Where he died is unknown as are his parents. There has been some guessing that his parents were John Pearce and Maria Delamater in NY but we have no proof of that.
2. Thomas Pearce born about 1745 in New York City area to Joseph Pearce and Annetje Miller. Married Mary Barnes around 1768 supposedly in Maryland. This marriage we have not found record of, just mentioned in family Bible. He resided in Berkeley County, VA in 1783 for certain, then in Fleming, KY 1799-1800 and then moved to Urbana, Champaign, Ohio in 1801. He died in Urbana in June 1826 and is said to be buried on a family farm.
3. John Pearce born about 1782 in Virginia or Maryland to Thomas Pearce and Mary Barnes. Married Elizabeth Stewart in October 1806 in Champaign County, OH. He moved his family to Fountain County and then followed another son to Iowa after the death of his wife. He died in Marion County, Iowa in 1857.
4. Joseph Pearce born about 1808 in Champaign, Ohio to John Pearce and Elizabeth Stewart. Married Louisa Martin in December, 1835 in Fountain County, IN. He died in Benton County, IN in 1886.
5. Fernanders E. Pearce born in 1848 in Benton County, Indiana to Joseph Pearce and Louisa Martin. Married Sally Alice Baugh in June 1872 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. He died in Noblesville, IN in 1918.
6. Harry Oliver Pearce born in 1874 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana to Ferndanders Pearce and Sally Alice Baugh. Married Bertha Ridgely January 1907 in Lafayette, Indiana. He died in Valley City, ND in 1943.
7. William Ridgely Pearce born in 1910 in Lafayette, Indiana to Harry Oliver Pearce and Bertha Ridgely. Married Jean Murray June 1936 in Mott, North Dakota. He died in Bismarck, ND in 1978.

N53071 (Group R)
1. Robert Pearce (marriage certificate) b. 1853 Dorset, England d. ? Australia m. Mary-Ellen Gilmour
b. 1862 Lancashire, England d. 1909 Casino, New South Wales, Australia

2. Robert Pearce b. 1881 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia d. 17 April 1934 Naughton's Gap, New South Wales, Australia m. Susan Hannah Matterson b. 19 March 1884 Dyraba, New South Wales, Australia d. 11 November 1946 Casino, New South Wales, Australia (They had 7 children - with only one surviving son - Charles.)

3. Charles Robert Pearce b. 7 September 1904 Naughton's Gap, New South Wales, Australia
d. 31 July 1998 Casino, New South Wales, Australia m. Kathleen Mary Maude Malby b. 27 July 1911
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia d. 1992 Casino, New South Wales, Australia (They had 2 children, currently living.)

ID 129477 (Group S)
1. Francis Pearse b. abt 1580.  m. Mary unknown about 1603.  d. 1645 in Ermington, 
Devon, England.

2. Timothie Pearse b. abt 1625.  m. Elizabeth unknown abt. 1645.

3. Thomas Pearse b. 1653 Plympton St. Mary, Devon, England.  m. Elleanor Grigg, July
1674, in Ermington, Devon.

4. John Pearse b. Dec. 1675 in Ermington, Devon.  m. Joan Baker 1697 in Ermington,    

5. John Pearse b. Jan 1698 in Ermington, Devon.  m. Mary Baker, August 05, 1722 in
Modbury, Devon.

6. John Pearse b. Feb. 1724/25 in Modbury, Devon.  m. Elizabeth Winter, March 02, 
1745/46 in Ermington, Devon.

7. William Pearse b. 1754 in Ugborough, Devon, England.  m. Elizabeth (Betty) Derry,
Sept. 26, 1772 in Ugborough, Devon.

8. (William ?) James Pearse b. 1781 in Ugborough, Devon.  m. Mary Tremain,
May 09, 1802 in Plymouth St. Andrews, Devon, England.  d. March 23, 1850 in
Stoke Damerel, Devon.

9.  John Tremain Pearse  b. 1803 in Devonport, Devon.  m. Mary Ann Sandercock, 
June  27, 1824 in East Stonehouse, Devon.  d. Nov. 03, 1881 in East Plumstead,

10. Edward Pearse b. 1836 in Devonport, Plymouth UK.  m. Elizabeth Dodge, Jan. 02,
1855 in East Stonehouse, Devon.  d. Bet. 1869-1880 in Liverpool, UK.

11. George Pearse b. Sept. 22, 1869 in Liverpool, UK.  m. Alice Parry, Nov. 29, 1887
in West Derby, Liverpool, UK.  d. Feb. 16, 1947 in Liverpool, UK.

12. Albert Pearse b. July 7, 1909 in Liverpool, UK.  m. Emily Hughes, Oct. 28, 1933 in
Liverpool, UK.  d. Aug. 02, 1990 in Wrexham, UK.

ID 130555 (Group T)
1. Robert Percy (possibly Pearcy) born in Yorkshire, England about 1773.

2. James Percy  born in the Parish of Snainton which is in the Scarborough registration district in North Yorkshire, England in 1795.  He married  Elizabeth Walker.

3. James Percy was born in 1837, also in the parish of Snainton. He married Jane Sarah Jubb.

4. Matthew H. Percy was born in Snainton in 1871 and who married  Edith Lawson in 1898 in Hull, East Yorkshire, England.

5. Arthur Percy was born in 1911 in Hull, East Yorkshire, England.

ID 130255 (Group U)
1. Possibly William Percy.
2. Frederick Percy was born in 1832 in Malden, Surrey, UK.  He married Elizabeth
Pell.  He died in 1903.
3. Frederick William Percy was born in 1862 in Malden, Surrey, UK.  He married
Elizabeth Gowers.
4. Herbert George Percy was born in 1890 in Burham, Kent, UK.  He married Alice
Ruby Martin.  He died in 1950.
5. Herbert Roland Percy was born in 1920 in Burham, Kent, UK.  He married
Mary Davina James.  He died in 1996.

ID 75284 (Group V)
1) Abraham Pierce, born ca. 1601 in England, died 1673 in Duxbury, MA

2) Abraham Pierce, born ca. 1637/1638 in Plymouth, MA, died 1717/1718 in Duxbury, MA
3) Abraham Pierce, born ca. 1680 in Duxbury, MA, married Abigail Peterson on September 25, 1729 in Duxbury, MA. Death date unknown
4) Joseph Pierce, born ca. 1732 in Pembroke, MA, died January, 1, 1814 Duxbury, MA
5) Luther Pierce, born March 9, 1776 in Duxbury, MA, died March 29, 1831 in Duxbury, MA
6) Luther Pierce, born April 5, 1811 in Duxbury, MA, death date unknown but he is listed in the 1900 census in Duxbury.
7) Charles S. Pierce, born 1855 in Duxbury, MA, death date unknown
8) Charles Warren Pierce, born 1881 in Duxbury, MA, death date unknown
9) Luther Pierce, born 1909 in Duxbury, MA, unknown if living or dead
10) Luther Pierce, born December 31, 1932 in Duxbury, MA, died April, 2002 in Feeding Hills, MA

ID 153065 (Group V)
1.  Abraham Pierce (1605 - 1673) Arrived in Plymouth Colony in 1623 aboard the ship Anne.  He married Rebecca _____.  He lived in Plymouth and Duxbury, Massachusetts. 
2.  Isaac Pierce, Sr. (ca. 1661 - 1731/2) m. Alice Chartley.  He moved from Duxbury/Scituate to Middleborough, Massachusetts.
3.  Thomas Pierce (1684 - ca. 1770) m. Naomi Booth.  He lived in Middleborough and, perhaps, Spencer, Massachusetts.
4.  Richard Pierce, Sr. (1725 - ca. 1800) m. Mary Simmons.  He lived in Middleborough and, perhaps, Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
5.  Richard Pierce, Jr. (ca. 1750 - before 1800) m. Sarah Booth.  He lived in Middleborough and Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
6.  Elisha B. Pierce (ca. 1803 - 1822) m. Harriet B. Taber.  He lived in Dartmouth and Westport, Massachusetts.
7.  George F. Pierce (1823 - 1906) m. Eliza Jane Gifford.  He lived in Dartmouth and Westport, Massachusetts.
8.  John Allen Pierce (1852 - 1875) m. Elizabeth Ann McDonald.  He lived in Westport, Massachusetts.
9.  Arthur Freeman Pierce (1875 - ?) m. Edith G. Crocker.  He was born and married in Westport, Massachusetts, but his whereabouts after divorcing his wife are unknown.
10.  Alden T. Pierce (1908 - 1977) m. Marie Anne Emelda Martel.  He probably lived in Dartmouth, Massachusetts for most of his life.
11.  Alden T. Pierce, Jr. (1929 - 2004) probably lived in Westport/Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

ID 145069 (Group V)
1. WILLIAM B. PIERCE was born about 1791 in Ohio or Massachusetts? He died
about 1847 in Gallia County, Ohio. He married REBECKA LOCKRIDGE on 13 Nov
1817 in Gallia County, Ohio, daughter of SAMUEL Lockridge and Elizabeth
Hamilton. She was born about 1787 in Ohio or Highland County, Virginia or
Maryland. She died in 1857 in Gallia County, Ohio.

2. ANDREW PIERCE (WILLIAM B.) was born in Oct 1830 in Gallia County, Ohio?. He
died on 30 Nov 1908 in Kanawah County, West Virginia. He married JULIA ANN
CALDWELL on 30 Sep 1847 in Kanawha County, Virginia. She was born in Oct
1830 in Ohio. She died on 30 Nov 1908 in Kanawha County, West Virginia.

3. JACOB SUMMERS PIERCE (ANDREW, WILLIAM B.) was born between 1857-Jun 1860 in
Gallia County, Ohio (Meigs, Ohio?). He died on 17 Sep 1926 in South
Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia. He married LUCY JANE SAUNDERS on
10 Mar 1880 in Kanawha County, W. VA, daughter of GEORGE W. Saunders and
NANCY Elizabeth Reynolds. She was born on 10 Nov 1854 in Kanawha County,
West Virginia (Meigs, Ohio?). She died on 23 Jun 1927 in South Charleston,
Kanawha County, West Virginia.  

in South Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia. He died in 1910 in
Columbus, Ohio. He married LENORA JEANETTE LEE on 16 Oct 1899 in Kanawha
County, West Virginia, daughter of ANDREW PIERCE Lee and NANCY ELLEN
Cheesebrew. She was born on 14 Dec 1877 in Mason County, Maggie PO, W. VA.
She died on 14 Mar 1910 in South Charleston, West Virginia.  

born on 19 Feb 1905 in Spring Hil, Kanawha County, West Virginia. He died on
16 May 1982 in Crystal River, Florida. He married HAZEL GAY SOWARDS on 27
Mar 1924 in Cabell County, West Virginia, daughter of ISAAC ERWIN Sowards
and MYRTLE IVY Parkins. She was born on 01 Mar 1904 in Hurricane, Putnam
County, West Virginia. She died on 29 Apr 1986 in Crystal River, Florida.


ID 348602 (Group V)
1.  Abraham Pierce - B. January 8, 1638 at Plymouth, Mass.  D. 1718 at Plymouth, Mass.  Married to Rebecca Lathrop.  Identified as a taxpayer in Plymouth, Mass in 1623.
2.  Isaac Pierce - B. July 21, 1661 at Plymouth, Mass.  D. February 21, 1732 at Plymouth, Mass.  Married to Alice Chartley in 1682.  Served in the Narraganset War.
3.  Thomas Pierce - B. 1679 in Plymouth, Mass.  D. 1754 in Plymouth, Mass.  Married Naomi Booth on July 31, 1691.
4.  Shadrach Pierce – B. July 8, 1717 at Spencer, Mass. D. April 3, 1807.  Married Abigail Haskins on August 16, 1737.
5.  Levi Pierce  - B. February 2, 1739 at Plymouth (Middleborough), Mass.  D. January 1, 1826 at Partridgefield, Mass.  Married Bathsheba Babbitt on February 11, 1787 in Berkeley, Mass.
6.  Abner Pierce  - B. October 4, 1761 at Partridgefield, Mass.  D. January 28, 1851 at Hartwick, New York.  Married Huldah Wilcox on February 11, 1787. Served in the American Revolution.
7.  Samual Abner Pierce - B. May 12, 1790 at Hartwick, New York.  D. May 12, 1864 in Dundee, New York.  Married Sally Wright on April 8, 1817.  Served in the War of 1812.
8.  Eli Samuel Pierce - B. May 12, 1820.  D. March 19, 1889 at Dundee, New York.  Married Cyrena Lindsey on March 9, 1843 at McLean, New York.
9.  George Oliver Pierce - B. March 3, 1858 at Dundee, New York.  D. January 15, 1925 at Dundee, New York.  Married Jeanette Marie Horn on May 9, 1885.
10. Claude David Pierce - B. August 4, 1886 at Dundee, New York.  D. April 14, 1969 at Dundee, New York.  Married Amy Harding Van Atta on June 25, 1913 at Waverly, New York.
11. Joseph Herschel Pierce - B. March 17, 1914 at Sayre, Pa.  Died March 23,1995 at Beaufort, SC.  Married Virginia Bisbee Marston on July 25, 1942 at Portland, Maine.

ID N59225  (Group W)
1. Josiah PEARCE was born in Maryland; died abt. 1832 in Frederick Township, Maryland. 
2. Isaiah PEARCE was born abt. 1800 in Maryland; married Charlotte SMITH 23 Mar 1823 in Frederick Township, Maryland; death between 1860 and 1870, most likely in Cedar County, Iowa. 
3. Henry Fletcher PIERCE was born abt. 1828 in Maryland, married Elizabeth Lloyd WEBBER 11 June 1877 in Muscatine, Iowa; died c. 1892. 
4. Henry Fletcher PIERCE II was born in Apr 1878 in Iowa; married Mary Strickland SMITH 22 Feb 1905 in Washington D.C.; died 22 Apr 1938 in Kansas City, Missouri. 
5. Henry Fletcher PIERCE III was born 13 Dec 1912 in the District of Columbia; married Edith Lorraine CAMPBELL on 30 Nov 1935 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri; died 17 January 1969 in Colorado.

ID 17920 (Group X)
1. Matthew Pearce (1762-1831) Born UK
2. William Thomas Pearce (1808-1865)
3. Edward Henry Pearce (1839-1912)
4. Edward William Charles Archdall Pearce (1878-1933)

ID 175764 (Group Y)
1. JOHN Pearse, b. Sparsholt(?) c1570 d. Heddington, Wilts 1616.
m. 1590 Maud Jenkins, b.  c1570  d. Heddington 1627
ch. Nicholas 1593, John  1595(?).

2. NICHOLAS Pearse, b. Heddington 1593 d. Heddington 1658.
m. 1618 Joane Sloper, b.Bishops Canning 1602 d. Heddington 1670.
ch. Joan 1623, Nicholas  1628, John 1629, Anna 1633, Rebecka 1637, Jane 1639.

3. NICHOLAS Pearse b. Heddington 1628 d. Heddington 1678.
m. Susana.
ch. Jane 1666, Joan 1667, Nicholas c1668.

4. NICHOLAS Pearse b. c1668 d. 1737.
m. Mary Cox b, Charlton Musgrave, Dorset 1660, d. Heddington 1735.
ch. Nicholas 1692.

5. NICHOLAS Pearse, b. Heddington 1692 d. Heddington 1773.
m. Rachel Fisher b. c1695 d. Heddington 1773.
ch.  Rachel 1718, Nicholas 1719, John 1723, Mary 1725, Elizabeth 1726, Susannah 1730.

6. NICHOLAS Pearse b. Heddington 1719 d. London 1795.
m. 1756 Sarah Tooke, b. Angmering, Sussex  1735 d. London 1812.
ch. Mary 1757, Nicholas 1758, John 1759, Randolph 1761, Rachel 1762, Sarah 1763, Nicholas 1766, Ann 1768, Brice 1770, Clara 1771, Sophia 1773, Anthony 1775.

7. BRICE Pearse b. London 1770 d. Woodford, Essex 1842.
m. 1796 Woodford, Charlotte Chiswell Raikes  b. Woodford 1776 d. Woodford 1842.
ch. Louisa, Maud, Charlotte 1797, Brice 1799, William 1800, Sophia 1801, Henry 1802, Emily 1805, Maria 1807, Charles John 1808, Harriet 1810.

8. CHARLES JOHN Pearse b. Woodford 1808 d. London 1876.
m. 1840 West Ham, London, Georgiana Davis Heatley  b. c1820 d. c1890.
ch. Charles Henry 1841, George Frederick 1842, Carlota Louisa 1844, Florence 1845, Edward Brice 1847, Godfrey Robarts 1848, Edith 1850, Mabel 1852, Frank Hugh 1858.

9. GODFREY ROBARTS Pearse b 1848 Watford, Herts. d, Kempsey, Worcs. 1926.
He had ch. Godfrey 1892 with Alice Flavie Blanche Faucon b. Paris 1869 d. France 1926.

10. GODFREY SCOTT-PEARSE b. London 1892 d. Lymington, Hants. 1957.
m. 1926 Dundee, Scotland, Helen Lamb Stevenson b. Dundee 1903 d. Lymington 1987.
ch. Francis(Frank) 1929, June 1930, Pamela 1932.

ID 175587 (Group Z)
1. Joseph Pierce b. 1790/95 Pennsylvania d. Illinois. Married Elizabeth (?) b. 1795 d. Illinois.
2. Joseph Pierce b. 1828 Madison, Ohio d. after 1900, Illinois. Married 1851 Clark, Ohio to Cynthia Springer b. 1833 Clark, Ohio.
3. George W. Pierce b.1857 d. 1933 Fulton, Illinois. Married 1877 Fulton, Illinois to Elizabeth Sarina Rowden b.1859 Fulton, Illinois d. 1942 Fulton, Illinois.
4. Lewis Allen Pierce b. 1879 Fulton, Illinois d.1958 Tazewell, Illinois. Married 1901 Fulton, Illinois to Ona Johns b.1882 Missouri d. 1959 Tazewell, Illinois.
5. Charles Edmond Pierce b.1916 Fulton, Illinois d. 1980 Calhoun, Michigan. Married Alberta Marie Graham b.1921 Des Moines, Iowa d. 1993 Bryan, Texas.

ID 241403 (Group AA)

1. Ralph Waldo Emerson Pierce b. 1869 in Maine, married
Mary Blanchard

2. William Blanchard Pierce b. 1897 in Illinois, married
Edna Isabelle Fields

3. Waldo Emerson Pierce b. 1928 in Illinois, married
Betty Jane Carter

ID 204837 (Group BB)
1.     Freeman Pierce B: 1787 in Connecticut, D: 1881 in Middleport,
Served in the War of 1812
Married Elizabeth ? B: 1795 D: ?

2.     James Richard (Rockwell) Pierce B: 1816 in Connecticut D: ?
Huntington, WV
Country doctor called "Dr Jim"
Married Mary Marcie (Mariah) Kelly B: 1816 in Marrietta, OH.
D: 1881 Hurricane, WV

Children of James:
Sarah J Pierce b. 1844
Margaret E Pierce b. 1846
Nancy J. Pierce b. 1848
William Henry Pierce b. 1852-1912
Lucy E Pierce b. 1854
Franklin Edward Pierce 1857-1897
Mary F. Pierce b. 1859
John M. Pierce b. 1850

3.      Franklin Edward Pierce B: 1857 in Addison, Ohio, D: 1897 Cabell
County, WV
Married Mary Jane Billups, B: Dec. 1, 1859 in Cabell County WV,
D: Aug 10,1957 in Huntington, WV

Children of Franklin:
Annie Mae Pierce 1883-1970
Thomas Grover Cleveland Pierce 1884-1980
Mamie L. Pierce 1887-1972
Iva Pearl Pierce 1890-1905
Myrtle Irene Pierce 1894-1922

4.     Thomas Grover Cleveland Pierce B: Oct 16, 1884 in Cabell County,
WV. D: Nov 29, 1980 in Huntington, WV.
Married Clara Elizabeth Johnson, B: Nov. 14, 1884 in Lawrence
County, OH. D: Mar.18, 1961 in Huntington, WV.

Children of Thomas:
Everett Pierce 1907-2004
Helen Pierce b. 1909
Mildred Pierce b. 1914
Charles Woodrow Pierce 1916-1929
Madline Pierce 1921-2011
Mary F. Pierce 1923-living

5.    Billy Jack Pierce, Sr. B: Mar. 21, 1926 in Huntington, WV.
D: Mar. 24, 2010 in Huntington, WV.

Children of Billy Jack Pierce, Sr. all living


ID 608905 (Group BB)
1. Freeman Pierce born abt. 1786 RI or CT died after 1870
   m.  Nancy Cook of CT before 1805, she died abt 1834, their children
      1. Freeman Pierce Jr born 1804/05 North Stonington, CT, died Sept 2 1898 N S, CT
         m. Eunice Babcock before 1830, she died 1890 N S, CT
      2. George W. Pierce born 1808/09 North Stonington, CT, died Dec 26 1891 Griswold,
         CT, m. Lydia Herns (Herren) she died Mar 5 1892
      3. Samuel Pierce born 1811 N S, CT, moved to Norwich, New York. Died Apr 20 1892,
         m. Lois Hadlock
      4. Joseph Pierce born 1816 N S, CT, died 1893 Preston, CT. m. Lydia Stevens Mar 17
      5. Nancy Ann Pierce born 1820 N S, CT, died July 7 1884 Norwich, CT. m. Captain
         William Wilcox Nov 14 1847
      6. Lucy E Pierce born Apr 9 1821 N S, CT. died July 11 1905 Norwich, CT, m. 1st
         Edward Stevens Jan 19 1843, m. 2nd Charles Rogers Nov 14 1847
      7. Elizabeth M Pierce born May 25 1829 N S, CT. died Mar 19 1930 N S, CT. m. Asher
         Denning Rathbun.
      8. Frances Pierce born 1833 N S, CT. died Nov 14 1898 Sterling, CT. m. Albert
         Babcock July 4 1849 Voluntown, CT
    m.  2nd Elizabeth Wheeler, widow of Lodowick Wheeler, Sept 13 1835N S, CT, she died
         Nov 28, 1864 Preston, CT. They had,
      9. James Monroe Pierce born Sept 15 1838 Voluntown, CT. died Feb 20 1903
         Voluntown, CT. Civil War Veteran. m. Emily Bromley Feb 12 1856
2. Freeman Pierce Jr and Eunice Babcock, their children
      1. Courtland Freeman Pierce born Sept 13 1830 N S, CT. died Jan 5 1874, m.
         Hannah Vergason
      2. Elias Franklin Pierce born Dec 16 1833, died Dec 4 1901. m. Lydia Main
      3. Elizabeth Pierce born June 2 1837, died Nov 29 1917, m. Josiah Brown
      4. William H Pierce born 1841, died Apr 29 1888, m. Sarah Penry
      5. Joseph Pierce born 1842, died Apr 15 1899,
      6. Samuel Pierce born 1845, died ____, m. Hattie Esther Pierce (daughter of
         Samuel Pierce and Lois Hadlock)
      7. Annie Sarah Pierce born 1847, died Nov 10 1927, m. George Brown
      8. Zachary Taylor Pierce born Apr 8 1848, died Apr 6 1915, m. Alma Slocum
      9. George Freeman Pierce born 1851, died ____, m. Tacy Ann Lanphere
3. George Freeman Pierce and Tacy Lanphere, their children
      1. Daniel Benjamin Pierce born 1882, died_____, m. Lucy Mabel
         Bitgood, she died Dec 1929
      2. Elsie May Pierce born 1898, died 1978, m. 1915 Stephen Campbell
4. Daniel Benjamin Pierce and Lucy Mabel Bitgood, their children
      1. Daniel Harry Pierce born 1903, died 1968
      2. George Adelbert Pierce born 1905, died 1984, m. Alice S
      3. Frederick E Pierce born 1907, died May 31 1924 (murdered)
      4. Mildred Susan Pierce born 1919, died 1991
      5. Ida May Pierce born 1922, died 2010
      6. Marion Pierce born 1923,
      7. Lillian Pierce born 1925, died ______
      8. Lettie G Pierce born 1926, died 1984
5. George Adelbert Pierce and Alice S Chapman, had 5 children

ID 210068 (Group CC)
1. William Pierce ( Perse) b. (?), d. 4/10/1807
Lydia Lovell  b.5/8/1735
m. 11/15/1766

*William Pierce Jr. b. 8/28/1768, d. 5/5/1851 in Wareham, MA
Mary Pierce b. 8/28/1770 (?) in Middleboro, MA (?)
John Pierce b. 2/22/1773 in Middleboro, MA (?)

2. William Jr. b. 8/28/1768, d. 5/5/1851
Betsey Gurney b.1771
m. 11/21/1793

Dennis Allan Pierce b. 3/20/1794 in Rochester, MA, d. 7/28/1868 Rochester, MA
Thomas Pierce b. 9/29/1799 Rochester, MA, d. 4/25/1860
*Robert Pierce b. 1/17/1799 Rochester, MA, d. 8/22/1869
George Pierce b. 5/23/1804 Rochester, MA, d. 3/19/1875
William Pierce b. ?, d. 1806  
John Pierce b. 3/11/1802, d. 10/28/1878
Eliza Pierce b. 1810, d. 3/14/1835

3. Robert Pierce b. 1/17/1799, d. 8/22/1869 (was a reverend/farmer)
Lucy Swift b. 6/8/1802, d. 1/02/1852
m. 07/13/1818

Phobe Gurney b.12/13/1818, d. (?) 4/22/1880
Ellen G. b. 1/24/1821, d. (?)
George Whitfield b. 2/2/1824, d. 12/26/1860 was a reverend
Elizabeth G. b. 3/31/1826, d. 9/27/1827
Lucy A.    b. 9/30 1831, d. (?)
*Robert Weldon b. 5/22/1833, d. 4/5/1895 in Eustis, FL
Mary D. b. 9/19/1836, d. 9/14/1854
Rhoda M. J. b. 5/24/1844, d. 7/1/1900  m Jerome Salisbury (?) had a daughter Bertha

4. Robert Weldon b. 5/22/1833, d. 4/5/1895 in Eustis FL
Elizabeth Frances Judkins b. 3/1/1833 in Freedom, NH,  d. 10/12/1872 in Melrose, MA
m. 7/08/1856 Melrose, MA


Edith E. b. 9/16/1857 Melrose,MA, d. 3/2/1934 m. Durrell (?) (div.) m. Clark (?)
Lucy Alice b. 10/27/1859 Melrose, MA, d. (?) m. (? Young) daughter Bertha
George Franklin    b. 8/11/1861  Melrose,MA,  d. 1/9/1862 Melrose, MA
Franklin W. b. 1/7/1862 Melrose, MA, d. 9/1940 (AL?) m. Edith Gates (?)
Lulu May b.12/25/1864 Melrose, MA, d. 1943  m. Paul Robinson (?)
Lynell     b.2/20/1867 Melrose, MA, d. 3/1953 m. Collins (?) daughter Natalie b. 6/1/1900
Note: Franklin Pierce appears to have died in Alabama but had a woodworking business in Atlanta,
Georgia for some time.

Robert Weldon married second wife
Lucy Lovering b. 1852 (?) Freedom, NH (cousin of Elizabeth Frances Judkins)
m. 10/4/1873 Melrose, MA

Enid Mabel b. 1/18/1874 Melrose, MA, d. 1921 Providence, RI
Ernest b. (?) infant, d. in FL
Robert Lovering    b. 12/22/1887 FL, d. (?) Providence, RI m. Easton 1913
Alma b. (?) FL, d. (?) FL -age 2
*Harold Kent b. 5/1/1892 FL, d.12/28/1941 Providence, RI

Robert Weldon Pierce was a shoemaker and soapmaker in Melrose, MA until 1876 when he moved to FL with his second wife and (some) children. Until his death he was an orange plantation nurseryman and traveled throughout the country selling his seedlings. Family was making preparations to move to Providence, RI when he died suddenly in FL. They also owned land in Dalton, MA which was overseen by a cousin, Earl Pierce, who was a deputy Sheriff there.  

5. Harold Kent Pierce b. 5/1/1892 FL, d.12/28/1941 Providence, RI
Florence Maude Dexter b. 9/21/1889 Pawtucket RI,   d. 8/22/1965 Winchester, MA
m. 8/  /1915
*Harold Dexter Pierce b. 9/17/1918 RI, d. 9/12/1976 Winchester, MA

6. Harold Dexter Pierce b. 9/17 /1918, d. 9/12/1976
Grace M. Gosselin b. 1/16/1921 Derby, VT., d. 3/8/2000 Newburyport, MA
m. 1/16/1942 Hartford, CN


ID 907528 (Group CC)
1. William Pierce (Perse) b. 29 Oct. 1733, m. Lydia Lovell 15 Nov. 15, 1766. Lydia was b. 8 May 1735 in Middleboro, Plymouth, MA, daughter of John Lovell & Lydia Churchill. William d. 10 Apr. 1766 in Wareham, Plymouth, MA.

They had three children:
William Pierce, Jr.
Mary Pierce
John Pierce

2. William Pierce Jr. was born on 28 August 1768 in Wareham, MA. William married Elizabeth (aka Betsey) Gurney on the 21 November 1793 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA. Betsey was born abt. 1771 in Rochester, MA. William died on 5 May 1851 in Rochester, MA. Betsey died 2 January 1852 in Rochester. (One World Tree)

They had the following children:
Dennis Allan Pierce
Thomas Pierce
Robert Pierce
George Pierce
William Pierce
John Pierce
Eliza Pierce

3. Thomas Pierce was b. on 27 September 1795 in Rochester, MA. Thomas m. Nancy B. Freeman on the 21 December 1815 in Rochester, MA. Nancy was b. on 13 July 1797 in Middleborough, Plymouth, MA. She is the daughter of Lemuel Gurney and E. Wrightington. In the 1850 Census they are living with Thomas and Nancy. Thomas Pierce died 25 April 1860 in Wareham, MA. In the 1860 U.S. Federal Census Nancy B. Pierce is listed age 63 and living with her daughter Sophronia G. age 20. Nancy died 10 June 1867 in Rochester, MA. (One World Tree)

They had at least three children:
Whelden S. Pierce
Sophronia F. Pierce
Anthony Lucius Pierce

4. Anthony Lucius Pierce was b. 9 February 1843. Anthony worked as a nailer in Wareham.
Intention of Marriage between the following persons entered by Leande Lobell, Clerk:
Anthony L Pierce and Helen M. Thrasher both of Plymouth their intention of marriage was received and entered this third day of February eighteen hundred and sixty-four.
At the beginning of the American Civil War Anthony enlisted, at the age of 19, on 2 December 1861 in the Grand Army of the Republic, Company E, 32nd Regiment, M.V. M. He was wounded on 2 July 1863, at Gettysburg, PA. He reenlisted on 1 January 1864. He married Helen Matilda Thrasher 6 February 1864. He was mustered out on 29 June 1865 as a corporal. Helen was born in Plymouth, MA 12 October 1844 to Jonathan Thrasher and Cynthia Manter Lucas. In 1885 Anthony’s occupation was that of a Plate Turner, Wareham. In the 1900 census Anthony is listed as a Peddler Various. In the 1903 & 1907 Wareham Directory Anthony is listed as a Canvasser, and his home was on Division, (West Wareham). Helen died November 10, 1909 in West Wareham, Massachusetts. Anthony died February 9, 1920 in East Rochester, Massachusetts. (American Civil War Soldiers)

They had eleven children:
Arthur L. Pierce
Minnie A. (Pierce) Hammond
Florence G. Pierce
James A. Pierce
Edith H. (Pierce) Cobb
Sarah L. Pierce
Alton H. Pierce, May 1877, age 23
Grace E. Pierce, May 1880, age 20
Nettie M. Pierce, March 1884, age 16
Theodore L. Pierce, Sep. 1886, age 13
Mertie E. Pierce, Aug. 1888, age 11

5. Theodore Leslie Pierce, b. 2 Sep. 1886, Wareham, Rochester, Plymouth, MA. He m. Elizabeth Lulu BROWN 24 Feb. 1912 in Middleboro, Plymouth, MA. by Aubrey C. Gilmore, Priest, Middleboro, MA. She was b. Dec.? 1886 in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin to Stephen Brown & Mary (Cable) Brown. Mary’s parents are shown to have been born in New Brunswick, Canada. In the 1924 City Directory, Theodores occupation is that of a “Weigher” in the 1930 U.S. Federal Census. Theodore’s occupation is that of a “Boat Builder”, working in a Boat Shop. In the 1940 U.S. Census Theodore’s occupation is that of “Carpenter, Boat Building”. In the 1942 U.S., WW II Draft Registration Card Theodores employer is listed as Cape Cod Ship Building Co. Wareham, MA., off Sandwich Rd. Wareham, Ply. Co. MA. Theodore Leslie Pierce; d. 28 Feb. 1961, Wareham, Plymouth, MA. Elizabeth d. 17 May 1967.

They had two children:
Howard Macy Pierce
Stephen Aubrey Pierce

6. Stephen Aubrey Pierce b. 14 March 1918 in East Rochester, MA. In the 1940 U.S. Federal Census Stephen’s occupation is listed as a “Bog Laborer, Cranberry Bog”. During World War II he served in the U.A. Army in the Pacific Theatre. He m. Leora Irene Westgate on 5 April 1948. She was the daughter of Milo Thomas Westgate and Florence E. Simmons. Milo’s parents are George F. Westgate of Wareham and Flora Manley. Florence’s parents were Woodside Simmons and Selina (Ramsey) Simmons both of Canada. Woodside’s parents are Simmons and Julia (Crabb) Simmons. Leora Irene d. 8 Oct. 1988; Stephen d. 5 May 1993. They had two children.

ID 216078 (Group DD)
1. William Pierce born Merionethshire, Wales 1798, died probably 1847. Married Anne Pierce, probably born Anne Edwards 1800 and died 1863. They farmed 40 acres in Pengwern, Festiniog. They had 5 children - youngest was John Pierce.

2. John Pierce, born 1837 in Festiniog, Merionethshire; married Elinor/Ellin Roberts, born 1831 in Trawsfynnydd, Merionethshire. They had 5 daughters and 2 sons - youngest was John Pierce.

3. John Pierce, a farmer born 1878 in Llanfihangel, Carnarvonshire, died in Ruthin, Denbighshire.  He seems to have had two families at the same time - he married Susannah Price, a farmers daughter, in 1909 and they had 8 children.  He also had two children with Kathleen Roberts - including my father, Gwilym Pierce, born 1910 in Carnarvonshire, died 1993 in London.

ID 241632 (Group EE)
1. Dr John Peerce, b. ca 1620, England, married Sarah Simpkins, d. 1679, Maryland

2. John Peerce II, b. ca 1650, England, married Sarah Sprigg, Maryland, presumed missing at sea, ca 1685

3. John Peerce III, b. 1684 Maryland, married Mary (Evans / Gale?), d. 1766 Maryland

4. John Peerce IV, b. 1725 Maryland, married Margaret Culver, d. 1773 Maryland

5. Henry Culver Peerce, b. 1752 Maryland, married 1 Verlinda Semmes, 2 Elizabeth McAtee, d. 1812 Maryland

6. John C Peerce, b. 2/7/1787 Maryland, married Sarah Rhoads, d. 8/8/1857, Edmonson County, Kentucky

7. William Thomas Peerce, b. 11/19/1816, Grayson Co, KY, married Mary Bradley, d. 11/20/1892 Grayson Co, KY

8. Thomas Benjamin Peerce, b. 10/18/1853 Grayson Co, KY, married Diana F Trulock, d. 5/5/1949, Grayson Co, KY

9. James Sylvester Peerce, b. 4/2/1881 Grayson Co, KY, married Margaret Grant, d. 6/15/1967, Grayson Co, KY

ID 258882 (Group FF)
1. Joseph Pearce b. in Hughenden, Buckinghamshire England b. ca 1805 d. 1831. 

2. George Pearce b. 1830 d. 1875.

3. George William Pearce b. 1856 Guildford, England to Iowa to Indiana d. 1927.

4. William Stedman Pearce b. 1882 in Indianapolis, Indiana, d. 1929 in Indianapolis.

5. George Guildford Pearce b. 1911 in Kentucky, d. 1983 in Kentucky.

ID 265050 (Group GG)
1. Abraham Pierce, born by 1666, sailed to Boston before October 1686; married Isabel Witherspoon 11 March 1686/7 in Boston, Mass.; died after 18 Feb 1723/4 in Salem, Essex Co., Mass.

2. Samuel Pierce, born 10 May 1689 in Salem, Essex Co., Mass.; married Hannah Browne on 27 April 1721 in Salem; died before 3 September 1744 in Salem. 

3. Jonathan Pierce, baptized 22 March 1729/30 in Salem, Essex Co., Mass.; married Sarah Page in February 1753 in New Salem, Hampshire (now Franklin) Co., Mass.; died after 26 December 1804 in New Salem. 

4. Jesse Pierce, baptized 15 April 1759 in New Salem, Hampshire (now Franklin) Co., Mass.; married Huldah Thayer in 1787; died in May 1817 in Moira, Franklin Co., New York.

5. Rev. Hiram Pierce, born 8 Sep 1793 in New Salem, Hampshire (now Franklin) Co., Mass.; married Sarah Potter in March 1817 in Franklin Co., New York; died 24 May 1880 in Moira, Franklin Co., New York.

6. Rev. Ralph Pierce, born 11 April 1827 in Moira, Franklin Co., New York; married (2) Sarah Elizabeth White on 1 September 1863 in Bareilly, India; died 17 March 1908 in Washington, D.C.

7. William Arthur Pierce, born 30 July 1876 in New Market, Jefferson Co., Tennessee; married Alice Lee Watson on 28 December 1905 in Lexington, Holmes Co., Miss.; died 14 January 1951 in Falls Church, Va.

8. William Raiford Pierce, born 28 July 1910 in Lexington, Holmes Co., Miss.; married Virginia Louise Shepherd on 2 December 1938 in Washington, D.C.; died 16 February 1988 in Berryville, Clarke Co., Va.


ID 255322 (Group HH)

1. Samuel Pearse, born 1842 in Middlesex, London 
his youngest son was

2. William Pearse, born 1885 in Middlesex, London, died 1959 in Clare, South Australia
his eldest son was

3. Victor William Pearse, born 1918 in Mannum, South Australia, died 1961 McLaren Vale, South Australia


ID 273202 (Group II)
1. Thomas Pearse born 1796, died 18th December 1883 (buried at Maiden Newton, Dorset, England).

2. Thomas Nossiter Pearse born 1837 Dorset, England, died 26th June 1915 (buried at Burton Bradstock, Dorset, England).

3. Albert Edward Pearse born Burton Bradstock, Dorset, England on 8th February 1876, died 13th May 1968 (Epsom, Surrey, England).

4. Donald George Pearse born Dulwich, London on 18th September 1912, m. Olive Hull 23 Mar 1940 Tooting, died 23rd May 1979 (Sutton, Surrey, England).


ID 312033 (Group JJ)
John Pierce, born about 1811 and James Pierce, born about 1812 emigrated from County Tipperary, Ireland to Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1842. Both men were single.
It is the family's belief that their parents names were John and Johanna. Family tradition says this Pierce line originated in England having obtained land in Ireland as a result of the War of The Roses.


ID 358928 (Group KK)
1. William H. Pearce
Born: in circa 1851, in New York according to 1880 Federal Census, Colorado; both parents born in England.
Married: Alice Foutz/Fouts 1 January 1877 in Oro, Lake County, Colorado
Divorced: 12 May 1888

2. Albert Pearce (note his surname was Pearce at birth but is found as Pierce later in life)
Born: 20 March 1884, in Colorado.
Died: 28 February 1947, Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona

3. Walter William Pierce
Born: 31 July 1909, Leadville, Lake County, Colorado
Died: 13 December 1972, Jenner, Sonoma County, California


ID 519697 (Group LL)
1. Edward Pearce  1690-1721 & Hester Dorrant  1690-1713, B & D  Portland, Dorset, England, M: 1713

2. William Pearce 1713-1785 & Rebecca Samways 1712-1786, B & D  Portland, Dorset, England, M: 1737

3. Benjamin Pearce 1738 1826 & Susannah Pearce 1738-1799, B & D Portland, Dorset, England, M: 1760

4. Abraham Pearce 1760-1833 & Susanna Sansom 1761-1832, B & D  Portland, Dorset, England, M: 1782

5. Edward Pearce 1799-1859 & Mary White 1806-1855, B & D  Portland, Dorset, England, M: 1824

6. Thomas White Pearce 1829-1907 & Elizabeth Spencer 1832-1911 B: Portland, Dorset, England, M: 1854,
Migrated to Australia in 1857, D: Victoria, Australia


ID 638689 (Group MM)

1. John Pierce
b 1744 -1746 in Ireland
d 15 MAR 1832 in Limerick, Maine
He married Martha Staples on January 1, 1781, in Biddeford, Maine. They had five children
during their marriage. He died on March 15, 1832, in Limerick, Maine.

2. John Pierce Jr
b 1785 in Limerick, Maine
d between 1860 and 1870
He married Mary Polly Leach on August 18, 1808, in New Gloucester, Maine. They had nine
children in 13 years.

3. Luther Pierce
b. 1801 in Limerick, Maine
d. 1885 in Franklin, Vermont
He married Mary Wagg on April 12, 1835, in Danville, Maine. They had six children in 12

4. John Henry Pierce
b. 1844 in Danville (Pejepscott) Maine
d. 1927 in Franklin, Vermont
He married Palmyra (Myra) A Russell in 1875 in Franklin, Vermont. They had three children in 16 years

5. Elbridge Leon Pierce
b. 1879 in Franklin, Vermont
d. 1963 in Franklin, Vermont
He married Mabel Annie Morgan on December 28, 1910, in his hometown. They had five children during their marriage.


ID B64519 (Group NN)
1. John Pierce (John Pers) b. abt 1588 Norwich, Norfolk Co., England; d. 19 Aug 1661 Watertown, MA; m. 22 Apr 1610 Norwich, England, Elizabeth Trull b. abt 1590 England; d 12 Mar 1666 Watertown, MA.

2. Anthony Pierce b. 28 Apr 1611 Norwich, Norfolk Co, England; d 19 Aug 1661 Watertown, MA; m. abt 1631 Anne d. 20 Jan 1682/3 Watertown, MA.

3. Joseph Pierce b. abt 1643 Watertown, MA; d. 25 Nov 1713 Watertown, MA; m. Martha Brayton (probably) d. before 1698 Watertown, MA.

4. Joseph Pierce b. 2 Oct 1669 Watertown, MA; d. 12 Feb 1737 Lexington, MA; m. 12 Aug 1736 Cambridge, MA, Hannah Munroe.

5. Joseph Pierce b. 5 Feb 1693/94 Lexington, MA; d 12 Mar 1753 Weston, MA; m. abt 1715 Abigail d. abt 1755 Lincoln, MA.

6. Ebenezer Pierce b. 18 Sep 1715 Lexington, MA; d. 5 Nov 1750 Concord, MA; m. 21 Nov 1738 Joanna Townsend b. 5 May 1717 Concord, MA.

7. Ebenezer Pierce b. 2 Sep 1741 Concord, MA; d. 4 Oct 1777 Bennington, VT; m. 24 Nov 1763 Westmoreland, NH, Elizabeth Gilson b. 11 Jul 1741 Groton, MA; d. 20 Dec 1821 Putney, VT.

8. Rufus Pierce b. 27 Jun 1768 Westmoreland, NH; d. 5 Apr 1845 Putney, VT; m. 5 Aug 1790 Westminister, VT, Thankful Lindsey b. 18 Feb 1771; d. 26 Jul 1849 Putney, VT.

9. Lemon Pierce b. 16 Jun 1810 Putney, VT; d. 11 Mar 1869 Putney, VT; m. 17 Sep 1832 Elizabeth Fisher b. 15 Sep 1815 Hinsdale, NH; d. 18 Dec 1877 Putney, VT.

10. James K. Pierce b. 22 Nov 1845 Putney, VT; d. 19 Oct 1900 Plymouth, NH; m. 1 Jan 1867 Brattleboro, VT, Cora A. Carlton b. 29 Jun 1850 Vernon, VT or Northfield, MA; d. 8 Feb 1917 Chicopee, MA.

11. Clarence C. Pierce b. 17 Jun 1871 Bernardston, MA; d. 20 Jan 1939 Athol, MA; m. 1 Jan 1891 Shutesbury, MA, Anna M. Eddy b. 24 Jun 1871 Shutesbury, MA; d. 19 Dec 1925 Athol, MA.


On-line source for generations 1-7: Descendants of John PERS (Weaver) and Elizabeth TRULL by Janet H (Rouse) Derbyshire.


ID 875567 (Group OO)
1. Benjamin Pearce b. abt. 1720, Woodbridge, NJ d. abt. 1783?, NJ. m. abt. 1745, Somerset County, NJ? Anna Willis b. abt. 1727, d. ?, dau. Joseph Willis? And Patience Thompson. Children: Hannah, Anna, Mary, Benjamin, Elizabeth J and Willis. Some uncertainties.

2. Willis Pearce b. abt. 1765, Sussex County, NJ d. abt. 1829, Decatur County, IN. m. Jan 8, 1791, Sussex county, NJ Mary Shepard? b. abt. 1773, NJ or NY, d. aft. 1820, Hamilton County, OH, dau. Abraham Shepard and Temperance Cory. Children: William W, James S, Colville S, Clarinda, Jonathan S, Eli K, +? Some uncertainties.

3. Elijah K Pearce b. Nov 13, 1815, Ontario County, NY d. ?. m. abt. 1847, LA Bedelia ‘Bridget’ Murray, b. abt. 1830, Ireland, d. ?, dau. Martin and Peggy Murray. Children: Walter S, William, Alfred W, John E, Mathew J, Eli C, Sarah J, Clarinda and Amanda E.

4. Walter S Pierce b. abt. 1850, New Orleans, LA. d. Jun 3, 1928, Cleveland, OH. m1. on Nov 5, 1871, Kenton County, KY Louisa Oliver, b. abt. 1849, Kentucky, d. Jun 1898, Covington, KY, dau. John P Oliver and Eliza Morgan. Child: Silas. m2. ? m3. Fanny S Thayer, b. abt. 1875, Indiana, d. ?, dau. Davis Thayer and Martha Dunn. No children.

5. Silas Lewis Pierce b. Mar 1871 Kenton County, KY. d. 1956. m1. on Jan 7, 1890, Hamilton, OH Minnie Hamlin, b. 1873 Kenton County, KY d. Dec 26, 1897 Milldale, KY, dau. Harmon Hamlin and Mary A. Moore. Children: Clarence, Clifford and Alice. m2. on Nov 6, 1899, Newport, KY Effie M Loffer, b. Oct 1869, Bellefontaine, OH d. 1945, New York, dau. Jacob Loffer and Samantha Rea. Children: Joseph.

6. Joseph Emmett Pierce b. June 5, 1914 Detroit, MI. d. Jan 28, 2005 New York City, NY. m. on Jun 25, 1955, New York City, NY Helen Marie Fitzpatrick, b. Jul 13, 1918 Johnson City, NY d. July 23, 2001 Seattle, WA, dau. Daniel J. Fitzpatrick and Ellen Ingeborg Silverstrim Olsen. Children: 1 boy.


ID IN61343 (Group PP)
1. James PEERS b abt 1780's, a Shoemaker, mar 29 Aug 1803 to Betty GUYE b 1784.
She d 29 Apr 1843 in Haslingden, Lancashire, England. They had 12 children.

The marriage certificate for James and Betty is signed by James PEARS and with a "cross"
by Betty GUYE but recorded by the church as James PEERS.

   Mary Ann PIERCE bap 25 Mar 1823, Chorley, Lancashire, mar Thomas HOWARTH, 6 June 1849, Wisconsin, USA

  Reuben Bentley PIERCE, born 7 April 1828, Chorley, Lancashire, mar Mary HOUSLEY, 1848
  d 12 June 1896, Wisconsin, USA

  David PIERCE b 2 Nov 1830, Chorley, Lancashire

2. David PIERCE b 2 Nov 1830, Chorley, Lancashire, d 14 Dec 1897, a Fishmonger.
Resided Wigan, Lancashire.

He had two wives - sisters of Scottish parents, David BIGGS and Jannet ELLIOTT of
Hawich, Scotland. The BIGGS moved to Preston after mar 1824.

   1st wife Elizabeth BIGGS/BEGGS b 27.Jan 1825, Preston, Lancashire, mar 1 Jan 1855,
   d 12 Apr 1871, Wigan, Lancashire. They had 9 children.

  2nd wife sister Olivia BIGGS/BEGGS, b 22 May 1841, Preston, Lancashire d 1886, Wigan,
  Lancashire, mar 25 May 1871. A baby born shortly after marriage was named Elizabeth after
  sister, but sadly died. They had 6 children, including James PIERCE b 1865.

3. James PIERCE b 1865, Wigan, Lancashire, d 6.May 1938 Auckland, New Zealand
mar Elizabeth ROBERTS b 27. Nov 1871, d Jun 1936 New Plymouth, New Zealand

7 Children including:


  Cedric Seaton PIERCE b 11 Jun 1906 Eltham, New Zealand, d Oamaru, South Island, New
  Zealand 1986. mar Hannah Barbara 21 Sept 1930, Te Awamutu, New Zealand. She was
  b 1 Nov 1912, New Plymouth, NZ, d 29.Aug 1998. Auckland, New Zealand

 Clarence Erle PIERCE

4. Clarence Erle PIERCE b 29 Jul 1907


ID 909231 (Group QQ)
1. John W. Pearce 1807 - 1885; wife Clarissa Gant 1806 - 1891 Monmouth County, New Jersey
2. Clark Pearce 1841 - 1905; wife Rebecca Wilkins 1846 - 1870 Ocean, New Jersey
3. Calloway Pearce 1871 - 1930; wife Matilda "Tillie" Thompson 1874 - 1933 Long Branch, Monmouth County, New Jersey
4. Elmer Ellsworth Pearce 1893 - 1941; wife Helen Robbins 1898 - 1982 Monmouth County, New Jersey
5. Donald Pearce, Sr. 1918 - 2005; wife Dorothy Elizabeth Dowd 1923 - 2018 Longbranch, Monmouth County, New Jersey, died in Fort Collins, Colorado


ID 641772 (Group RR)
Dna testing links to descendants of George Pace(Christened 1670, Prees, Shropshire, England, died 1738 Shareshill, Staffordshire, England) and his brother, John Pace (Christened 1665, Wrockwardine, Shropshire, England, who is believed to have emigrated to Middlesex, VA, and died there 1720).

So far no Pace-Percy connections have been found, but the timing suggests they would be in England, through George or possibly earlier.

1. Joseph Percy born 7 Jul 1801, variously reported as in New Jersey or England, but a 1902 genealogy book written by a distant relative reports of the Percy's that, "Two brothers, William and Joseph came over (from England) when quite young men." Joseph married Abigail Crane, 1 Dec 1825 in Morris County, NJ, and they lived "near the border land of Morris County", New Jersey. They had five children in New Jersey, then moved to Franklin County, OH in 1835 (because, "the western fever at that date was strangely epidemic"), and had five more. Abigail died 22 Sep 1843 and is buried in Walnut Hill west of Columbus, OH. Joseph remarried Mary (Goff) Adams, 1 Oct 1845, who had two children from a previous marriage, and they had one child in Ohio, then moved to Presumption, Mercer County, IL in 1855. Joseph died 26 Dec 1856, and was buried "3 miles west of Presumption, IL".

2. Charles Percy, fourth child of Joseph and Abigail, was born 17 Oct 1830, in Sussex, NJ, married Catharine Beaty, in Newfoundland, NJ 25 Oct 1850, moved to Hancock County, OH in 1854, then to Kingston Mines, Peoria County, IL and on to Notaway County, MO in 1871. Catharine died 30 Nov 1861, and Charles married Fannie Healey/Healy 21 June 1863 in Peoria County, IL. Charles died 14 Jul 1876 in Notaway, MO.

3. Charles William Percy, third child of Charles and Catharine, was born 2 Sep 1854 in Ohio, and married Caroline Maple in 1878. Charles died in 1921 in Crawford, NE.

4. William Grant Percy, first child of Charles and Caroline, was born 3 Mar 1886, and married Mary Elizabeth Covert in Norfolk, NE 9 Oct 1907. The family moved to Burlington, IA about 1918-19. Wm G died 2 Jan 1939 in Burlington, IA. He was a furniture salesman.

5. Gene Stuart Percy, third child of Wm G and Mary, was born 3 May 1912 in Norfolk, NE, and married Dorothy Barton of Roscoe, IA on 22 June 1935. He got a Chemistry degree from Parsons College, and she taught school in Iowa. They moved briefly to Crawford, Nebraska before moving to the Chicago suburbs in 1940. He started in diesel locomotive engine test at Electro-Motive Division of GM, and over his 35 year career had a number of roles, retiring as a Sales Liaison Engineer. They retired to Sun City, AZ in 1975; he died there in 9 Aug 1980, and she died in Mobile, Al 28 Mar 2005. They both are buried in Aspen Grove Cemetery in Burlington, IA.


ID 915648 (Group RR)
1. Joseph Percy born 1801 in England or New Jersey, died 1858 in Illinois (Abigail Crane 1804 -1843)
2. Charles Percy born New Jersey 1830 d 1876 (Fanny Healy 1836-1912)
3. Jerry Clark Percy born Illinois 1864 d 1921 (Ida May Thurman 1866-1934)
4. Edward Ray Percy 1905 - 1990 (Velma Easter Goddard 1910 - 2009)