If you have not had Y DNA tested before and have not ordered a test kit yet, then complete our Join Request Form by Clicking Here After telling us a little about the family line that you are researching at the bottom of the page, you will be sent a link that will enable you to order a Y DNA test. If you do not want to order a test kit at this time but plan to do it later, please save the link to order the kit with as that will ensure that you will be placed into our Pierce northern DNA group.

This is a male chromosome test and a male with the surname of Pierce or variant spelling should be available for testing.  After the order is placed, it usually takes about a week to receive the test kit and then about 6-8 weeks for the results to be available. 

How Many Markers Need to be Tested

You will have the option of ordering a 37 or 111 marker Y DNA test kit.  The 37 marker Y DNA test is Family Tree DNA's recommended test for testing the male line for genealogical research.  One may upgrade to a 111 marker test later with the same DNA sample which is stored at the lab.  Start with what you can afford with the knowledge that is is easy to upgrade later if needed.  

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