Family Tree DNA has recently discontinued the 67 marker Y-DNA test with the 111 marker test now being the option for those wishing to go beyond 37 marker testing.  The Pierce DNA northern website includes our participant's marker results, with the permission of the participant, up to 67 markers.

Because of easier viewing of the extended 111 markers at Family Tree DNA's website, the 111 marker results will only be provided there rather than at the Pierce DNA website.  This also allows for easier viewing of multi-copy markers such as DYS 464 and CDY which are not shown at the Pierce DNA northern website.

How To View The 111 Y-DNA Marker Results For Our Pierce DNA Northern Group At FTDNA

Click on this link to view the chart.  Pierce DNA Northern Results

Change the markers box to Y-DNA 111.  Check "all columns" if this is not checked.  The chart generated shows all of our group participants who have done 111 Y-DNA testing. 

Why Are My Results Not Showing Up On The FTDNA Results Chart?

You must adjust your privacy settings at the FTDNA website if your Y-DNA marker results are not visible at the results link above.  To do this:

1. First log into your FTDNA page at

2. Hover over your name at the top right of your personal page and select "Account Settings".

3. Click on Project Preferences.  Under "Project Sharing" and "Group Project Profile" turn on "Opt into Sharing".

This allows the Pierce Northern DNA group administrator to publish your Y DNA results and oldest ancestor information on the FTDNA Y-DNA results page.

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