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Dna testing links to descendants of George Pace(Christened 1670, Prees, Shropshire, England, died 1738 Shareshill, Staffordshire, England) and his brother, John Pace (Christened 1665, Wrockwardine, Shropshire, England, who is believed to have emigrated to Middlesex, VA, and died there 1720).

So far no Pace-Percy connections have been found, but the timing suggests they would be in England, through George or possibly earlier.

1. Joseph Percy born 7 Jul 1801, variously reported as in New Jersey or England, but a 1902 genealogy book written by a distant relative reports of the Percy's that, "Two brothers, William and Joseph came over (from England) when quite young men." Joseph married Abigail Crane, 1 Dec 1825 in Morris County, NJ, and they lived "near the border land of Morris County", New Jersey. They had five children in New Jersey, then moved to Franklin County, OH in 1835 (because, "the western fever at that date was strangely epidemic"), and had five more. Abigail died 22 Sep 1843 and is buried in Walnut Hill west of Columbus, OH. Joseph remarried Mary (Goff) Adams, 1 Oct 1845, who had two children from a previous marriage, and they had one child in Ohio, then moved to Presumption, Mercer County, IL in 1855. Joseph died 26 Dec 1856, and was buried "3 miles west of Presumption, IL".

2. Charles Percy, fourth child of Joseph and Abigail, was born 17 Oct 1830, in Sussex, NJ, married Catharine Beaty, in Newfoundland, NJ 25 Oct 1850, moved to Hancock County, OH in 1854, then to Kingston Mines, Peoria County, IL and on to Notaway County, MO in 1871. Catharine died 30 Nov 1861, and Charles married Fannie Healey/Healy 21 June 1863 in Peoria County, IL. Charles died 14 Jul 1876 in Notaway, MO.

3. Charles William Percy, third child of Charles and Catharine, was born 2 Sep 1854 in Ohio, and married Caroline Maple in 1878. Charles died in 1921 in Crawford, NE.

4. William Grant Percy, first child of Charles and Caroline, was born 3 Mar 1886, and married Mary Elizabeth Covert in Norfolk, NE 9 Oct 1907. The family moved to Burlington, IA about 1918-19. Wm G died 2 Jan 1939 in Burlington, IA. He was a furniture salesman.

5. Gene Stuart Percy, third child of Wm G and Mary, was born 3 May 1912 in Norfolk, NE, and married Dorothy Barton of Roscoe, IA on 22 June 1935. He got a Chemistry degree from Parsons College, and she taught school in Iowa. They moved briefly to Crawford, Nebraska before moving to the Chicago suburbs in 1940. He started in diesel locomotive engine test at Electro-Motive Division of GM, and over his 35 year career had a number of roles, retiring as a Sales Liaison Engineer. They retired to Sun City, AZ in 1975; he died there in 9 Aug 1980, and she died in Mobile, Al 28 Mar 2005. They both are buried in Aspen Grove Cemetery in Burlington, IA.


ID 915648 (Group RR)
1. Joseph Percy born 1801 in England or New Jersey, died 1858 in Illinois (Abigail Crane 1804 -1843)
2. Charles Percy born New Jersey 1830 d 1876 (Fanny Healy 1836-1912)
3. Jerry Clark Percy born Illinois 1864 d 1921 (Ida May Thurman 1866-1934)
4. Edward Ray Percy 1905 - 1990 (Velma Easter Goddard 1910 - 2009)