ID Sorenson 2 (Group K)
1. George Peirce (Pearce) b. 1659 Winscombe, Somersetshire, England.  m. Ann Gayner(Gainer) Jan 4, 1679, Quaker Meeting at Olvestone, Gloucestershire, England. d. Jan 19, 1733 East Marlborough Township, Chester County, Pa.
2. Caleb Peirce (Pearce) b. Dec 21, 1692 Thornbury Twp, Chester Co., Pa.  m.  Mary Walter April 15, 1724 Concord Friends Meeting, Concordsville, Delaware Co., Pa.  d. Jan 22, 1779 Thornbury Twp, Chester Co., Pa.
3. Caleb Peirce b. Oct 31, 1733 Thornbury, Chester Co., Pa.  m. Ann Mendenhall May 1, 1754 Concord Friends Meeting, Concordville, Delaware Co., Pa. d. Feb 23 1815 Thornbury, Chester Co., Pa.
4. Thomas Peirce b. Sept 5, 1770 Thornbury Twp, Chester Co., Pa.  m. Margaret Trimble Mar 19, 1794.  d. Nov 1, 1826 Thornbury Twp, Chester Co., Pa.
5. Robert Pierce b. April 11, 1797 Delaware Co., Pa.  m. Hannah Harvey Jan 23, 1821, Pa.  d. Mar 27, 1884 East Mill Creek, Salt Lake Co., Utah.
6. William Pierce b. April 2, 1833 Brandywine Township, Chester Co., Pa.  m. Jerusha Smith Dec 28, 1854, Utah.  d. Feb 7, 1908 Harper Ward, Box Elder Co., Utah.
7. Eli Thomas Peirce b. Jan 27, 1870 North Ward, Box Elder, Ut.  m. Annie Margrett Olsen Feb 14, 1890 Logan Temple, Logan, Cache Co., Ut.  d. July 22, 1929 Ogden, Weber Co., Ut.
8. Leonard Eli Peirce b. May 14, 1893 Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah. m.
Ruth McCarty Jun 20, 1917 Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah. d. Aug 7, 1973 Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah.


ID 111144 (Group K)

1. Dr. Harmon Pierce Sr. born 1786 in New Jersey.  He married Eleanor. He died 1861 in Connellsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA

2. James Pierce born 1814 in Pennsylvania, USA.  He married Sarah B Trump 1836. He died sometime after 1860, probably in Nebraska.

3. John W. Pierce born 1843 in Connellsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA. He married Martha Edith Mecum in 1972.  He died 1912 in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, USA.

4. John Albert Pierce born 7 Sept 1871 in Burlington Junction, Nodaway, Missouri, USA.  He married Sammie C. Close.  He died 30 Nov 1935 in Artesia, Eddy Co., New Mexico.

5. Walter Wesley Pierce born 14 Nov 1902 in Jackson Co., Oklahoma.  He married Earmel Walsie Melton 28 Jan 1925 in Stone Co., Missouri.  He died 10 Oct. 1981 in Joplin, Jasper Co., Missouri.

6. James Carlisle Pierce was born on 27 Dec 1925 in Cardin, Ottawa County, Oklahoma. He married Carolyn Reese Rackley. They were married on 29 Dec 1951 in Chesterfield, SC. He died on 16 Jul 2007 in Montgomery, Hamilton County, Ohio.


ID N17445 (Group K)
1. George Pearce b. 1607 in Somerset, England
2. George Peirce  b. 1633 in Somerset, England d. 1692 in England; married 1650 to Margaret Synam b. 1635 Somerset, England d.  in Thornbury, Chester, Penn. 
 three children:
George Peirce b. 1659 Winscombe, Somerset, England
Maurice Peirce born in Olveston, England
Margaret Peirce born in Olveston
3. George Peirce  b. 1659 in Winscombe, Somerset, England; He died on 19 Jan., 1733 in East Marlborough, Chester, Penn; married on 04 Jan., 1679 in Meeting Gloucestershire England. to Ann Gainer b. 1663 in Oldbury on Sever, Thornbury, Gloucestershire England; she died 1725 in Thornbury, Chester, Penn.
George and Ann had 11 children:
Betty b. 18 Sept., 1680 in Gloucestershire, England; died 27 Dec., 1757 Wilmington, Delaware
George Pierce b. 23 April 1682 in Gloucestershire, England; d. 1690
Joshua Pierce   b. 05  March, 1684 in Somerset England;  married Ann Mercer 28 Aug., 1713 Thornbury, Chester PA; died 15 Sept., 1752 in Kennett, Chester, PA.
Margaret Pierce b. 11 April , 1689 Thornbury, Chester, PA; d. 1689
Hannah Pierce b. 8 March, 1686 Thornbury, Chester, PA; d. 1689
Gainer Pearce b. 1 Feb., 1695 in Thornbury, Chester, PA; married Sarah Walter 26 Sept., 1719 in Chester, Chester, PA; Gainer died 1746
Mary Peirce b. 25 Dec., 1690 in Thornbury, Chester PA; d. 12 Sept., 1711 in Birmingham, Chester, PA
Caleb Pierce b. 21 Dec., 1692 Thornbury, Chester, PA; married Hannah Cloud 19 May, 1716 in Chichester Meeting, Chester, PA; died 22 Jan., 1779 Thornbury, Chester, PA
Ann Gainer Pierce b.  8 March, 1686 Thornbury, Chester, PA; died 1753 East Cain, Chester, PA
John Gainer Pierce b. 15 Feb.,1704 in Thornbury, Chester PA; died 1720.
4. Joshua Pierce  b. 05 March, 1684 in Somerset, England . He died on 15 Sept., 1752 in Kennett, Chester, Penn ; married Ann Mercer 28 Aug., 1713 in Thornbury, Chester Penn.
Children: George b. 05 July, 1714 in Kennett Chester, Penn d. 02 Oct., 1775 in Newlin Township, Chester, Penn. ;  Mary Pierce b. 3 Mar 1717 in Kennett, Chester, Penn d. 18 Oct 1793 in E. Marlborough, Chester Penn.
Joshua  Pierce later married Rachel Gilpin 15 Nov. 1722 in Chester, Penn. They had 4 children.
5. George Pierce b. 5 July, 1714 Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania; d. 02 Oct., 1775  in Newlin Township, Chester, Penn.; Married  21 May, 1740 Kennett Mm, Chester Penn. to Lydia Roberts b. 25 June, 1721 in Kennett, Chester, Penn;  d. 21 May, 1757.
Children:  Robert Pierce b. 1753 Delaware, Penn; married Hannah Lowrethe Thornberg on 25 Nov., 1801. Robert died 1812 in Jefferson, Tenn.; Thomas P. Pierce b. 30 Aug., 1754 in Chester Penn; married Hepzabeth Macy on 31 Aug., 1775 in Garden City, Guilford, NC; He died 100 in New Garden Mm, Guilfornd, NC;  David Pierce b. 8 Apr., 1756; married Mary Bellon 24 Apr., 1799; he died 28 Oct., 1833 in Poplar Camp, Wythe, Virginia; Caleb Pierce b. 12 Jul., 1752 in Chester, Penn; married Hanah Marshall 17 Dec., 1776; he died 27 Jan., 1789; Jesse Pierce b. 1749; Hannah Pierce b. 1745.
6. Thomas P. Pierce/Peirce Sr. b. 30 August, 1754, Chester Co. Penn; d. 1800, New Garden Mm, Guilford, North Carolina;  married  30 Aug., 1775 to  Hepzibah Macy  b. 11 June, 1751 Nantucket, Mass.; d. 1824 Wayne Co., IN.
Children: Geroge M. Pierce b. 11 Aug., 1776; d. 10 Nov, 1854 VA; Mary Pierce b. 09 Oct., 1777 ; Hanna b. 20 Aug, 1779, Guilford Co. NC;   d. 28 Aug., 1779 Guilford Co., NC; Moses Arthur b. 20 July, 1780, Guilford Co., NC; d. 20 May, 1857, Smyth Co. VA; Aaron b. 09 Oct, 1782, Guilford Co. NC; d. 1826 St.Clair Alabama who married Mary Anderson 07 Feb., 1805 at Washington Co., VA;  Isaac Pierce b. 25 March, 1785, Guilford Co., NC; d. 23 April 1863, Hagerstown, Wayne Co., IN; m. Elizabeth Anderson in Washington Co., VA;  Ezra Pierce b. 25 March 1787, Guilford Co., NC; d. 22 July, 1860, New London, Howard Co., IN; m. Rachel Robinson, ~ 1818;  Thomas P. Pierce, b. 07 Jan., 1790, Guilford Co. NC; d. 07 Dec., 1859, Green Co., Tn; married Mary Polly Stuart on 28 Dec., 1811, Jefferson, Tn;  Hannah b. 01 June, 1792, Guilford Co., NC; d. 14 Dec., 1864, Henry Co. In. (named for sister Hannah who died as a baby). 
Note: Thomas P. Pierce was of Quaker faith.   Hepzabah Pierce and children were received on certificate to Lost Creek monthly meeting, Jefferson Co.,  Tn on 23 July, 1808. *
* This information came from  Descendants of Edward Starbuck 1604 to Carolyn M. Harden 1963
7. Isaac Pierce b. 25 March, 1785  VA; d. 23 April, 1863 Hagerstown, Wayne Co., IN; m. Elizabeth Anderson b. 5 June, 1782 VA;
Children: Thomas who married Nancy Hursh and moved to Missouri; Andrew who married Fanny Brown in Henry Co., IN; Sarah who married Nehemiah Cheeseman and lived near Hagerstown; Henry who married Mary Mendenhall and lived in Iowa; Ezra who married Sarah T. Cheeseman and died in Kansas; Isaac A who Married Fanny Pollard and lived near Hagerstown.
Note: Isaac appears in the History of Wayne County p. 288 ( History of Wayne County, Indiana, from Its First Settlement to the Present ...By Andrew White Young)
8. Andrew Pierce b. 22 Feb, 1812 Green Co., TN; d. 26 Jan, 1908 Blountsville, IN; married 1834 Wayne Co. to Fanny Brown b. 1813, Ohio d. 1863 ;
Children: Isaac W. Pierce b. 1835; Thomas A.; b. 1839; Sarah E. b.1842; James H. b. 1845; Nehemiah b. 1848
Note: Obituary for Andrew Pierce appears in Christian Conservator Obituaries Feb. 12, 1908.
9. Isaac W. Pierce b. about 1835 Henry Co., IN death date unknown;  married on 17 March, 1855 in Henry Co. Indiana to Nancy Rice b. about 1837;
Children: Amos Andrew ~1859; Amanda~1861; Martha~1864; Milton~1869
(spelled Purse in 1870 census Stoney Creek, Henry Co. IN)
10. Amos Andrew Pierce b. 24 July, 1859 Wayne Co., IN;  d. 9 Aug., 1913 Delaware Co., (Meeks Mortuary records) ;  married about 1893 Alice Rosetta Parkinson b.11 Oct., 1876 Delaware Co., IN; d. 13 Dec, 1932 Randolph Co., IN;
Children were: Esther Pauline Pierce b. 26 July, 1909; d. 3 Oct., 1974; Henry Isaac Pierce b. 5 July, 1912; d. 3 May, 1978
Note: Alice remarried John Thompson after Amos' death.  Family possess legal documents dated 1923 from Randolph Co. Circuit Court, Indiana  which show Henry & Pauline inheriting from Isaac W. Pierce and from James H. Pierce, Administrator of the estate of Sarah Heath. 
11. Henry Isaac Pierce b. 5 July, 1912 Delaware Co., IN; d. 3 May, 1978 San Luis Obispo Co., CA; married 5 Aug, 1938  at Fairhaven, Ohio to  Naomi Faye Comer b. 20 Dec., 1912 Winchester, IN;  d. 20 Aug., 1990.


ID 127460 (Group K)
1.  James Pearce? 1829-1887 Tenn. m.  Elisabeth Toler? 1839-1905 S.  Carolina
2.  William S. Pearce 1876-1952 Missouri/ Texas m. Mattio A Seymore 1884-1965 Texas         
3.  James G. Pearce  1908-1992 Missouri/ Calif m. Maxine Van Duzer  1910-1945 California, Eureka 


ID N68842 (Group K)
1.  Richard George Pierce, Pearce, Peirce was born Bet. 1633 - 1637 in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England and died 1692 in Olivestone, Gloucestershire, England.  He married Margaret Synam Bet. April 10, 1641 - 1650 in Brosley, Shropshire, England. 
2.  George Pierce, Pearce, Peirce  was born 1659 in Winscombe, Somerset, England and died Bet. January 19, 1732/33 - July 19, 1734 in East Marlborough, Chester, Pennsylvania.  He married Ann Gayner, Gainer, Gainor January 04, 1678/79 in Meeting at Oglestone, Gloucestershire, England.
3.  Joshua Pierce, Peirce  was born March 05, 1683/84 in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England and died September 15, 1752 in Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania.  He married Rachael Glover Gilpin September 15, 1722 in Concord MM, Chester, Pennsylvania.
4.  Isaac Pierce, Peirce was born August 23, 1731 in East Marlborough, Chester, Pennsylvania and died 1813.  He married Hannah Sellers June 19, 1759 in Chester County, Pennsylvania on a NJ marriage license.
5.  Jonathan Pierce, Peirce  was born November 30, 1768 in Kennett MM, Chester, Pennsylvania, and died November 02, 1835.  He married Rachel Taylor May 16, 1793 in West Marlboro, Chester, Pennsylvania.
6.  Joseph Pierce, Peirce  was born June 13, 1809 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and died June 16, 1848 in Oak Hill, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He married Prudence Blackburn December 31, 1835 in Little Brittan Township, Lacaster, Pennsylvania.
7.  Joseph Hiram Pierce, Peirce  was born May 22, 1848 in Little Brittain, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and died July 22, 1925 in Quincy, Adams, Illinois.  He married Elizabeth Hollinger July 27, 1873 in Dauphine County, Pennsylvania.
8.  Hiram Herman Pierce  was born February 07, 1876 in Campbell Town, Lebanon, Pennsylvania and died August 24, 1968 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa.  He married Katherine Dorthea Klaus November 03, 1898 in Middletown, Des Moines, Iowa.
9.  Edward Joseph Pierce  was born March 29, 1915 in Hinton, Plymouth, Iowa and died September 12, 2006 in Las Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico.  He married Margaret Leona Davis March 19, 1934 in Vermillion, Clay, So. Dakota.


ID 960563 (Group K)

1) Jesse Peirce b. 1749 PA. Jesse, based on Y-DNA testing, is the probable father of John. He grew up in Chester County, PA. Around 1776, he moved to Guilford County, NC, following his brothers Robert, Thomas and, later, David Peirce. Jesse was a Fighting Quaker, serving in the Chester County, PA Militia in 1781. Not sure who Jesse's first wife, John's mother, was but he married his cousin, Dinah Carleton, 5 years later. Jesse was the great grandson of Quaker immigrants, George Pearce and Ann Gaynor. The family goes back to George Pearce b. 1607 in England. Jesse died after 1803, and perhaps as late as the mid 1820s. His last known residence was in Surry / Rowan County, NC. His brothers had moved to VA and TN.

2) John Alexander Pierce b.1779 NC. Married Elizabeth? Ca. 1793 NC. Died Feb. 12, 1842 Charles Town, Jefferson County, VA.

3) George Pierce b. Dec. 6, 1802 NC. Married Ann Davis 1836 Dayton, Montgomery County, OH. Died May 30, 1850 Henry County, IN.

4) Alvin Ellis Pierce b. 1838 Henry County, IN. Married Catherine Covalt 186? Chicago Corner Church of God, New Dunkard, Chicago Corner, Henry County, IN. Died 1929 Henry County, IN.

5) James Alonzo Pierce b. 1870 Henry County, IN. Married Sarah Elizabeth Ulrich 1891 Chicago Corner Church of God, New Dunkard, Chicago Corner, Henry County, IN. Died 1947 New Castle, Henry County, IN.

6) Basil Underwood Pierce b. 1893 Henry County, IN. Married Della Marie Cordell 1912 Hagerstown, Wayne County, IN. Died January 1919 Hagerstown, Wayne County, IN.

7) John Alvin Pierce b. December 19, 1915 Henry County, IN. Married Audrey Elizabeth McConnaughey 1934 Hagerstown, Wayne County, IN. Died April 10, 1984 Hagerstown, Wayne County, IN.

8) James Ronald Pierce b. 1937 Hagerstown, Wayne County, IN. Married Kathryn Louise Bowman 1960 White Branch COB, Henry County, IN. Died September 12, 2010 Hagerstown, Wayne County, IN.


ID 288785 (Group K)
1. Harmon Pierce b. 1786 in New Jersey, m. Eleanor Frances 1810, m. Demarius (Mary) Kern 1846, d. 1861 in Connellsville, Fayette, PA.

2. Harmon Pierce b. 30 Nov 1847 in Sandy Flat, PA, m. Lydia Wiltrout 3 Apr 1873, d. 17 Jan 1942 in South Connellsville, Fayette, PA.

3. Samuel Lewis Pierce b. 4 Apr 1876 in Connellsville, PA, m. Sarah Louise Richey (Ritchie/Ritchey) 24 Jun 1929, d. 23 Sep 1966 in Washington D.C.

4. Samuel Harmon Pierce b. 20 Mar 1930 in Connellsville, PA, m. Patricia Lucille Kessler 1948, m. Anita Mae Malan 16 Mar 1955, d. 6 Mar 1987 in Westminster, CO.

5. Samuel Rush Pierce b. 26 Nov 1948 in Connellsville, PA, m. Karen Elaine Burkholder 21 Sep 1993, d. 22 Sep 2007 Springhill, Fayette, PA.

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