ID 115724  (Group Q)
1. Lewis Pierce b. 1767 Pennsylvania d. Oct 1845 Ohio m. Cassandra Penic (sp ?) Sept 1793 (They had 3 children but Cassandra may have died after the second and Lewis remarried because there is 12 years between the second and third child.)
2. Jonathan Pierce (Found Census 1860) b. 1794 Allegheny, Pennsylvania d.? m. Maria Bell b. July 5, 1801 - d. 
They had 9 children at the time of the federal census.
3. John Pierce b. 1838 Monongahela, Westmorland, PA d. ? m. Nancy (last name unknown) b. abt 1842
Monongahela, Westmorland, PA (they had 7 children, John being the youngest on the 1880 United States Federal Cesus. They lived in Forward, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.)
4. John S Pierce b. August 2, 1879 Monongahela, Washington, PA d. July 4, 1945 Denver, CO m. Jessie Pearl Sibbitt( Jessie's nic name was "Sudie" her parents Lewis Sibbitt & Alice Craich) b. Sept 2, 1879
Coal Center, PA d. April 1, 1940  Denver, Colo. (They had four children 3 girls and a boy. Their movements as a family were easily traced via the newspapers articles and census records. John moved to Colorado due to his health.)
5. John Shugart Pierce (Certificate of Death) b. May 26, 1912 Pennsylvania d. June 26, 1972 Denver, Colorado m. Francis Weymouth Brewer b. August 2, 1911 Hampton Virgina d. April 17, 1994
Holland - lived with my uncle who was stationed over seas (They had 2 children, Lelia Francis Pierce b. 1934 d. 2004  and Living.)


ID 721345 (Group Q)
1. Joseph Pearce married Annetje Miller in New York City 9 July 1743. Where he died is unknown as are his parents. There has been some guessing that his parents were John Pearce and Maria Delamater in NY but we have no proof of that.
2. Thomas Pearce born about 1745 in New York City area to Joseph Pearce and Annetje Miller. Married Mary Barnes around 1768 supposedly in Maryland. This marriage we have not found record of, just mentioned in family Bible. He resided in Berkeley County, VA in 1783 for certain, then in Fleming, KY 1799-1800 and then moved to Urbana, Champaign, Ohio in 1801. He died in Urbana in June 1826 and is said to be buried on a family farm.
3. John Pearce born about 1782 in Virginia or Maryland to Thomas Pearce and Mary Barnes. Married Elizabeth Stewart in October 1806 in Champaign County, OH. He moved his family to Fountain County and then followed another son to Iowa after the death of his wife. He died in Marion County, Iowa in 1857.
4. Joseph Pearce born about 1808 in Champaign, Ohio to John Pearce and Elizabeth Stewart. Married Louisa Martin in December, 1835 in Fountain County, IN. He died in Benton County, IN in 1886.
5. Fernanders E. Pearce born in 1848 in Benton County, Indiana to Joseph Pearce and Louisa Martin. Married Sally Alice Baugh in June 1872 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. He died in Noblesville, IN in 1918.
6. Harry Oliver Pearce born in 1874 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana to Ferndanders Pearce and Sally Alice Baugh. Married Bertha Ridgely January 1907 in Lafayette, Indiana. He died in Valley City, ND in 1943.
7. William Ridgely Pearce born in 1910 in Lafayette, Indiana to Harry Oliver Pearce and Bertha Ridgely. Married Jean Murray June 1936 in Mott, North Dakota. He died in Bismarck, ND in 1978.


ID 935154 (Group Q)
1. Joseph Pearce (b. 1725 d. ?). Married Annetje Miller (b. 1725 d. 1800) on 9 Jul 1743 in New York City. They had 4 children (Thomas, Daniel, James, Robert).
2. Thomas Pearce (b. 13 Feb 1745 in New York City d. 15 Jun 1826 in Urbana, Ohio). Married Mary Barnes (b. 1742 d. prior to 1799) on 13 Jan 1768 in Maryland. They had 10 children (Joseph, Lewis, Elizabeth, Thomas, James, John, Jane, Jesse, Mary, Andrew). Married Elizabeth Collins (b. 1780 d. 21 Nov 1851) on 7 Jul 1799 in Fleming County, Kentucky. They had 7 children (William, Milton, Harvey, Clarissa, Wesley, Rhuey, Sarah).
3. William Pearce (b. 13 Feb 1801 in Urbana, Ohio d. 8 Jul 1864 in Saline County, Illinois) son of Thomas and Elizabeth. Married Margaret Gray (b. 26 Dec 1811 in Saline County, Illinois d. 27 Jul 1862 in Saline County, Illinois) on 21 on Nov 1827 in Ohio. They had 10 children (Lemuel, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Cynthia, Sarah, Martha, Hannah, Emily, William).
4. Lemuel Jackson Pearce (b. 27 Nov 1828 in Bond County, Illinois d. 4 Jan 1878 in Bond County, Illinois). Married Sarah Ann Hobbs (b. 1832 d. ?) on 3 Apr 1851 in Pocahontas, Illinois. They had 8 children (John, James, William, Thomas, Joseph, Charles, Edward, Jesse).
5. John Oliver Pearce (b. Oct 1853 in Illinois d. 1929 in Salida, Colorado). Married Clara Ann Stevens (b. 1865 in Indiana d. 19 Oct 1910 in Greeley, Colorado) on 5 Apr 1882 in Pocahontas, Illinois. They had 3 children (Bessie, Allen, Bertha)
6. Allen Lemuel Pearce (b. 16 Aug 1886 in Pocahontas, Illinois d. 28 Aug 1969 in Cheyenne, Wyoming). Married Jeane Leah Chandler (b. 18 Oct 1887 d. 15 Aug 1983) on 29 Nov 1911 in Fort Collins, Colorado. They had 2 children (John, Clara). Married Fern Edna Sturgeon (b. 27 Dec 1907 in Illinois d. 25 Dec 1986) on 15 Sep 1932 in Kimball, Nebraska. They had one child.

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