This family has as its oldest known ancestor Isaac Pearce, born 1761 in Rhode Island or Massachusetts.

One of our success stories has been updated with new information.  This participant is an adoptee who found that he had a YDNA match with Pierces, specifically those in group C.  After 37 years of searching, autosomal and YDNA aided in finding who his birth parents were in the Hallsted family and allowed him to finally happily meet his 5 siblings.  

Recently, a new Pierce autosomal DNA match has provided strong evidence for how his Hallsted line fits into the Pierce family in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Check out his success story in the Community Section of our website.   


Please read our new exciting DNA success story under the "Our Community" link.  It is a great example of how DNA can be used to uncover the unknowns related to an adoption.  Exactly where the adoptee will fit into the Pierce family is unknown, but hopefully that mystery will be solved soon.

This Pierce family has probable origins in Kentucky and later moved to Indiana and Missouri.  They match an older Pearce line from Maryland.

Three new families have been added to group H. 

One jumps over from Group G (ID 52809).  This family has several mutations that are referred to as a recLOH mutation.  The mutations occurring on markers 459, 464, and CDY in this line occurred in one simultaneous step;  thus the differences as compared with other members in group H are not as great as they might appear.

A second new matching family tested with  and is matching others in the group with lines to Richard Pierce, born 1615 in England.

A third  match for group H comes over from our southern group.  This family may have originated in the Long Island area of New York before migrating south into Virginia.