Latest Project News

One of our success stories has been updated with new information.  This participant is an adoptee who found that he had a YDNA match with Pierces, specifically those in group C.  After 37 years of searching, autosomal and YDNA aided in finding who his birth parents were in the Hallsted family and allowed him to finally happily meet his 5 siblings.  

Recently, a new Pierce autosomal DNA match has provided strong evidence for how his Hallsted line fits into the Pierce family in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Check out his success story in the Community Section of our website.   

This is another match in group C who descends from Capt. Michael Pierce b. about 1615.  We now have five descendant lines through his son Ephraim, including this new match, in our project. We also have two in our project who descend from lines down from his son John, and two from lines of his son Benjamin.  These direct descendants of Michael carry the matching YDNA of a Pierce who was born about 400 years ago. 

The oldest known ancestor in this family is William Pearce, b. 1735 in Boston or Roxbury Massachusetts.  William's father was possibly Benjamin Pearce b. 1700 in Newbury, Mass.