Success Stories

By John Pierce (Group C)

Prior to submitting a DNA sample to the National Geographic Genome Project, I knew my gr(x2)grandfather, Theodore S. Pierce, was born in Hampton, Washington County, NY, but no one in my family had ever gotten beyond him. There was a Shubel Pierce in Hampton, the right age to be Theodore's grandfather, but I couldn't find the missing link. Through research on the Internet, I determined that Shubel had three son's (Amos, Mason, & Shubel, Jr.), but none of them were Theodore's father as their lines seemed to be pretty well documented. I found one little paragraph on a Washington County genealogy website mentioning the family of Shubel Pearce arriving in the late 1790s and listing the children, including mention of a Jesse--but was Jesse male or female and did he or she live to adulthood?

By Marilyn Pierce (Group V)

I am glad that I sought out a male cousin to contribute his DNA. Although I am eventually hopeful that I can find my roots in England, it has confirmed that I am indeed descended from the immigrant ancestor that my genealogy search indicates is the correct one. Finding others in the Pierce DNA North Project has enabled me to do this and discover other descendants from that same ancestor as well.